The Plank

The Biggest Losers in India's Election

There were many, but none as bad as the Nehru-Gandhi family and its Congress Party.

Protesting Your Commencement Speaker Is an Exercise of Free Speech, Not a Rejection Of It
May 16, 2014 Graduation

Why we should applaud students who reject their schools' commencement speakers.

Democrats Should Read Marco Rubio's Social Security Plan. There's a Lot to Like.

Liberals have been quiet on the issue. Given Rubio's new plan, they can’t afford to be much longer.

I Was There When Elizabeth Warren Learned to Hate the Press
May 16, 2014 Politics

In 2011, this reporter clobbered her in print for a rambling, awkward answer. Today, she doesn't talk much to people like him.

Obamacare Critics Now Admit the Law Is Saving Lives, But Say the Price Still Isn't Worth It
May 15, 2014 Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act may seem like an expensive way to save lives. But that's not all it's designed to do.

Even Well-Integrated Schools Treat Black Students Differently
May 15, 2014 Schools

Half of students are minorities. 80% of teachers are white.

Somehow, Activists Have Put Protecting Net Neutrality Back on the Agenda
May 15, 2014 Tech

A principle that seemed all but dead is making a comeback

Russia's First Blogger Reacts to Putin's Internet Crackdown
May 15, 2014 Russia

Russia's first blogger, Anton Nossik, denounces Putin's Internet crackdown.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Trying to Capitalize on Washington's Deep Freeze With Moscow
May 15, 2014 Business

The rocket company says the Air Force's contract with a rival company is sending taxpayer dollars to Russia.