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But What If The Sunnis Stunt The A-gap With A Weakside Linebacker?

Sen. Dick Lugar in the WashPost:

Some commentators have compared the Bush plan to a "Hail Mary" pass in football--a desperate heave deep down the field by a losing team at the end of the game. Actually, a far better analogy for the Bush plan is a draw play on third down with 20 yards to go in the first quarter.

--Michael Crowley

In Today's Web Magazine

Bradford Plumer says the law firms promising to rescue companies from congressional oversight are the same ones that got them in trouble to begin with; Christopher Orr argues that Dreamgirls doesn't deserve an Oscar for best picture; Alex Massie suggests that anti-Scottish anger in E

In Today's Web Magazine

Isaac Chotiner chronicles the ignominious departure of the pollster Frank Luntz from Washington; Joshua Kurlantzick charts the rise of Vang Pao, the warlord of St.

Kristol's Wisdom

Bill Kristol, who has lately been intent on proving you can make a lucrative career out of being right less often than a broken clock, valiantly defended Lewis Libby on Fox News Sunday yesterday. According to Kristol, Patrick Fitzgerald decided to go after "Scooter" instead of other members of the administration (like Ari Fleischer) because of the former aide's hawkish stance on Iraq. During the discussion Kristol made this remarkably inane point:

Iowa, Again

The Washington Post gives front-page real estate today to a Dan Balz piece analyzing Senator Clinton's trip to Iowa. Towards the end of the article, which consists of Balz talking to a 14-person focus group of Democratic caucus-goers, is this anecdote:

And Now For A Real Shocker

In today's New York Times, David Kirkpatrick tracks down how the ridiculous story about Barack Obama's alleged education at a madrassa -- and Hillary Clinton's alleged efforts to spread the story -- made it onto Fox News, Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and other outlets of the right-wing noise machine.

More Classiness From News Corp.

To follow up on Jon's post, Vanessa Grigoriadis has a very entertaining piece in New York Magazine on Judith Regan and the whole O.J. fiasco. It's worth reading in full, but Grigoriadis's description of how News Corp.

Kagan/keane Not Pleased With Kagan/keane Plan

Over at Salon, Mark Benjamin lays out a problem some conservatives have with the surge. Benjamin:

Murder On The Veld

In the grand scheme of things, the murder of David Rattray last week was no different from the spate of senseless killings that have occurred in South Africa over the past decade. Rattray, a world-famous historian and tour guide in the breathtaking Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, was shot and killed in his home last Friday.

Exes Of Evil

It hasn't taken long for the old Hillary Clinton dynamic to kick into place: Clinton goes ever so slightly off script, news media misinterprets, conservatives go wild. The latest cycle began when Hillary Clinton made a little joke the other day:

Asked by a voter what qualified her to handle leaders from countries such as Iran and North Korea, Clinton began her reply, then stopped and, for effect, repeated the question.