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Republicans Supported Attacking Syria, Now They Don't. Guess Why
August 30, 2013 Politics

For decades, Republicans have been more supportive than Democrats of an interventionist foreign policy.

Seamus Heaney: "An Afterwards"
August 30, 2013 Poetry

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney died this morning in Dublin. A poem from the New Republic archives. 

Wendy Davis Waits to Decide About Governor—And the Pressure Builds
August 30, 2013 Texas

On Thursday, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis sent out word that she would not be announcing any plans for her political future before Labor Day, as she had originally promised, because her father is in the hospital.

James Clyburn to Democrats: Forget About Holding the Senate!
August 29, 2013 Politics

In the ensuing fourteen months, Democrats and their assorted allies will spend tens of millions of dollars to protect their razor-thin majority in the United States Senate.

Egypt's Rulers Are About to Make the Same Mistake Morsi Did
August 29, 2013 Egypt

Are Egypt’s current rulers making the same mistake as their Muslim Brotherhood predecessors of pushing through a constitution that will alienate their allies and agitate their opponents?

A Guide to Syria's Best Citizen Journalism
August 29, 2013 Syria

Whether or not the United States intervenes in Syria’s civil war, one thing about the current situation won’t change: Those of us outside Syria’s borders will never be entirely sure what’s happening within them. Syria has become the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, and legacy media outlets have, understandably, sent fewer and fewer of their reporters into harm’s way. This means that if journalists and policymakers in western countries want information from a source other than Bashar al Assad’s regime, they have to take it from citizen journalists, nearly all of whom are activists who openly support the opposition.

Another Story of Obamacare Rate Shock That Isn't
August 29, 2013 Obamascare

Another Obamascare article is making the rounds.

Tea Party and the GOP Base Are Out of Step on Syria
August 29, 2013 Politics

Advocates for a more restrained foreign policy, like Rand Paul, seem increasing ascendant in the Republican Party.

Swarthmore v. Student in a Battle over Rape

Last spring, Swarthmore joined the growing list of prestigious colleges induced to rewrite their sexual misconduct policies after students told the federal government the schools belittled their reports of assault.

A Sex Trafficking Victory That Shows Just How Broken the System Is

In mid-2001, Johana Cece, a woman in her early twenties, fled her hometown of Korçë, a small city near Albania’s Greek border.