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Edward Snowden Leaks Again—And It's a Bombshell
August 16, 2013 Unknown Unknowns

In 2008, the National Security Agency illicitly—if accidentally—intercepted a “large number” of phone calls from Washington, D.C. because an error confused Egypt’s country code—“20”—with, yes, “202.”

Boycotting the Olympics Won't Stop Russian Homophobia
August 15, 2013 Point

Today, Russian pole vaulter and future mayor of the Sochi Olympic village Yelena Isinbayeva snagged a third world championship in Moscow.

'Its Name Is Fascism'
August 15, 2013 Egypt

Cairo is no longer the capital of Arab hope. It is now the capital of Arab despair.

Men, Don't Out Your Wife's Age in Playbook: H/T, a Woman
August 15, 2013 Birthdays

I am a sporadic reader of Playbook. And I'll admit it: I don't read it for the articles (or rather, their summaries). I unabashedly scroll to the birthdays. (Did you know Coolio turned 50 this month?

Obama Trips Over Himself Again on Egypt

The best defense I can muster for Team Obama's pathetic response to the events of the last month in Egypt is that the men and women in charge of American foreign policy simply don't mind looking foolish.

The Morning After the Cairo Massacre
August 15, 2013 Photos

Egyptian security forces on Wednesday tore through two Cairo camps erected by supporters of the deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, a crackdown in which more tha

The Sequester Is Stifling Science
August 15, 2013 sequestration

Budget sequestration was supposed to cause all sorts of disruptions, the kind that would get the attention of middle class voters.

The Real Victims of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Fall From Grace
August 15, 2013 scandals

With former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Larry King's Post-CNN Career Will Surprise You
August 14, 2013 TV

Is anyone still watching Larry King, who has been stubbornly industrious in the months since his nostalgic farewell to viewers on CNN?

The Koch Brothers Used to Be Basketball Stars

In 1962, two of the Koch brothers were MIT basketball stars.