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The Vote Suppressors Will Come After Hillary, Too
August 13, 2013 After Obama

One couldn’t help but feel disheartened last night when word came that Hillary Clinton was giving a strong speech

Proven by Science: There Is No Such Thing as "Hookup Culture"

You’d think that sixteen years of Catholic education would’ve inured me to watching middle-aged adults freak out about sex.

The Latest Obamacare Lie That Just Won't Die

First they said Obamacare would create death panels. Then they said the law would cover undocumented immigrants.

Hillary Clinton's Smart Campaign Opening
August 13, 2013 Politics

Last night, the former Secretary of State gave her first domestic policy speech since leaving State at the American Bar Association.

BuzzFeed Feeds on Anthony Weiner's Diminishing Buzz

The New York media world met IRL Monday night for a BuzzFeed-hosted conversation with former congressman and current mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner at a packed bar not far from Buz

The Unlikely Heroes of the Bulger Trial

It’s unusual for a criminal trial to endear the victims’ families to the lawyers for the defense.

An Obnoxious Atheist Insulted Islam, and This is What Happened
August 12, 2013 Religion

Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist and troublemaker, has caused quite a stir with something he tweeted (and subsequently deleted) last week. "All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge," he wrote.

Why the Numbers Say Texas Stays Red
August 12, 2013 Politics

Texas Democrats are giddy over the possibility that demographic changes might turn the Lone Star State “blue,” but the numbers suggest Texas will lean “red” for a long time.

Hypocrisy for Sale: Craigslist Founder Invests in Journalism Ethics Book
August 12, 2013 Media

Here’s a fun little trip through an era of “disruption” in the media industry:

February 2, 2010, Silicon Valley Watcher: