The Plank

The Non-Cynical Explanation for Eric Holder's Drug-Bust Switcheroo
August 12, 2013 Sentences

Some potentially good news from the Justice Department today: It appears that, in certain circumstances, prosecutors will be forbidden from listing the amount of illegal substances at issue in minor drug cases.

An Orwellian Nugget From Egypt
August 12, 2013 Egypt

There has been a lot of depressing news out of Egypt lately, but one of the especially worrisome developments has been the military junta's use of typically authoritarian language.

Obama Made a Misleading Statement About Obamacare Rates
August 12, 2013 Obamacare

President Obama got pretty worked up about his health care law during Friday’s press conference. And it's not surprising.

Larry David Keeps Playing Himself, and It's Getting Old
August 12, 2013 TV

Larry David might look like a new agey Moses in his HBO movie Clear History, which premiered Saturday night, but somehow the wild facial hair and flowing pants only serve to make him seem more like Larry David.

Sheryl Sandberg, the Official Feminist of Larry Summers' Boys Club
August 12, 2013 Feminism

Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook executive, has been hailed as one of the feminist heroes of this decade.

Hollywood Is in Trouble, and We're All Going to Pay
August 12, 2013 Blockbusted

It's been a tough summer for the film industry.

This Is the Summer of Lovecraft
August 09, 2013 Deception

All summer I've been manacled to my desk writing a book about a former friend of mine, the impostor and convicted killer known to the world and the media as Clark Rockefeller.

Mitch McConnell's New Ad Makes Him Look Like Hendrix at Woodstock
August 09, 2013 Politics

Mitch McConnell may be having troubles on the campaign manager front—you'd rather have someone in that role who isn't telling people he is "holding [

The Crisis at Washington's Ultimate Power Firm

When I wrote last month about the loud wheezing noises coming from the world of Big Law—that is, the 200 or so biggest, most profitable

Now The Washington Post Owes Reza Aslan An Apology, Too
August 09, 2013 Media

Last night, The Washington Post published a strongly worded argument about Reza Aslan, the scholar who Fox News