The Plank

Rand Paul Can Do Some Useful Things in the Senate. Let's Just Hope He Stays There.

Crazy? Yes. Dangerous? Not if he remains in the legislative branch.

Democrats Should Extend the Business Tax Cuts—Just Not for the Reasons They State
May 13, 2014 Politics

Democrats are making poor arguments to support their position—and it may hurt them in the long run.

Karl Rove's Attack On Hillary Clinton Is More Than Gross. It's Bad Political Strategy.
May 13, 2014 2016 Wars

Republicans seem completely confused as to how to run against Hillary Clinton.

Obama Has Started Making Major Progress on Nominating Judges—and This Is His Most Important One Yet
May 13, 2014 Legal

Obama has suddenly started making progress in appointing judges. Here's one that liberals should really rally around.

The Big, Scary News About Melting Antarctic Ice Is Just the Beginning

The only surprising thing about Monday's big climate change news is that people seem surprised.

Tim Geithner: More Banker Than the Bankers

In the NYT, Geithner unintentionally gives it away: He's accepted the financialization of the economy as a plus—and it colors his every utterance as he promotes his book.

John Oliver and Bill Nye Show the World How to Debate with Climate Change Deniers

Just don't do it. Because they're wrong. And John Oliver is so so right.

Marco Rubio Denies Climate Change While His Hometown Drowns
May 12, 2014 Politics

Sometimes, we could use a little more provincialism in politics.

How Major League Soccer Can Beat the English Premier League in America: Embrace Its Inner Brooklyn
May 12, 2014 Sports

Now that Major League Soccer inked a new, eight-year TV deal, here is how it can win your heart.