The Plank

'Orange is the New Black' Is Even Better in Season 2
June 06, 2014 TV

We’re no longer seeing the prison through Piper’s eyes.

The Wall Street Journal Can't Decide Why Obama Is Terrible
June 05, 2014 Politics

Do they think people don't remember what they read the day before?

Millennials Got Hammered by the Great Recession. Retirement Will Hurt Even More.
June 05, 2014 Retirement

A new report shows that they are unprepared for retirement.

The GOP Will Regret Overreaching on Bergdahl

It's unseemly. It's hypocritical. And it's going to backfire.

"How Au Courant I Am, Eating This Pig Face"
June 05, 2014 food

Cronuts, Arabica beans, and “I love bacon” bumper stickers—food trends are more about fashion than taste.    

Republicans Are Making the Long-Term Unemployed as Desperate as Possible
June 04, 2014 Economics

The Senate deal on unemployment insurance is just about dead.

Chris McDaniel Is the Latest Manifestation of the GOP's White Reactionary Problem

If Chris McDaniel becomes a senator it won't change much about U.S. policy, but it's a damning reflection of the American right.

The Obama Climate Plan Isn't a Problem for Democrats. It's a Problem for Republicans.

Come 2016, there's a decent chance that the EPA's proposal will place Republicans in the very bind they hoped it would create for Democrats this year.

The One Way to Harness Silicon Valley's Self-Interest for the Good of the Country
June 04, 2014 Ironies

The 1 percent have a stranglehold over our government. There's only one group who can save us: Tech moguls.