The Plank

Obama's Climate Plan Will Only Reduce Global Emissions by 1%
June 02, 2014 Resources

Advocates of a federal push to cut U.S. emissions have claimed it would prod developing countries to do even more. Now comes the test.

The Politics of Climate Change Regulations Aren't Anything Like Obamacare

Anyone who buys into the assumption that the new EPA climate plan will "rival the battle over health care" is making a big, obvious error, and another smaller one.

Why Enviros Are Saying Such Nice Things About the New EPA Rules
June 02, 2014 Environment

They say it's a big deal in the fight against global warming—substantively and symbolically—even if there's a lot more to do.

The GOP's Veterans Health Care Trap

By politicking the VA scandal, Republicans will have to choose between owning their unpopular privatization plan and being unresponsive to veterans' needs.

The Three Most Important Traits of People Who Make the World Work
June 01, 2014 Books

Are you an "invisible"? If you're skilled, creative and don't care much about getting credit, the job market is hot for you. 

Obama to Take Big Step on Climate Change—Will It Be Big Enough?

Monday's announcement of new regulations on coal-fired power plants will be historic. But big questions remain.

So Long, Jay Carney
May 30, 2014 White House

A farewell to Obama's outgoing press secretary.

McConnell's Obamacare Policy—Repeal It, Then Immediately Reinstate the Whole Damn Thing
May 30, 2014 Obamacare

As a general matter McConnell's Obamacare policy amounts to arguing that the law should be repealed, and then reinstated in full at the state level. But that's a total fantasy.