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The Eric Shinseki Resignation Guide

It's a strange day when a bunch of vulnerable Dems and the chairman of the House Dem re-elect committee wants Shinseki to step down and John Boehner doesn't

Were the Isla Vista Killings Preventable? A GOP Congressman Thinks So, and He's Got Bipartisan Support.

Rep. Tim Murphy wants families to have more power in handling a mentally ill loved one.

Obama's Dirty, Coal-Loving Past
May 29, 2014 Politics

The coal industry says Obama's new energy rules are the product of his lifelong emnity. His record says otherwise.

If Your Partner Can't Resist Extra Fries, That's Bad News for Your Waistline, Too
May 29, 2014 Psychology

The cool new research on how lack of self-control is contagious

One More Reason Obama's Power Plant Rules Will Make the GOP Nuts

It's the idea mainstream conservatives used to support—and participation by states will be voluntary. But, you know, it's still Obama.

Mitch McConnell Wants to Kick the Vast Majority Of New Medicaid Beneficiaries Off of Medicaid
May 29, 2014 Obamacare

Don't believe the hype about his soft new stance. His actual position—kick hundreds of thousands of people off Medicaid—is politically toxic.

If Your High School Friends Are Having Babies, You're More Likely to Get Pregnant, Too
May 29, 2014 Psychology

It's your friends—not your family— that have the most influence on when you decide to get pregnant.