The Plank

Don't Leave Future Fathers Out of the Daddy Wars
January 07, 2014 Parenting

The Atlantic magazine left a key group out of its discussion about fatherhood.

Stop Calling Every Female Star a Feminist
January 06, 2014 Media

All this wrangling over their feminist credentials is just a lot of noise.

For Health Care, It's Time to Party Like the 1990s
January 06, 2014 Health Care

National spending on medical care just fell, relative to the size of the economy. That hasn't happened since Bill Clinton was president.

Feeling Anxious? Tell Yourself to Be Excited—It's the Best Way to Calm Down
January 06, 2014 Psychology

New research suggests trying to calm down when you're nervous is pointless

The Silence of the Austerians
Here's Why 2014 Could Be the Year America Finally Ditches its Inane Deficit Obsession
January 05, 2014 deficit

Austerity advocates have been routed intellectually, but the political debate is still stacked in their favor. Here's how to influence it.

The War Against Income Inequality Loses One in Seattle
January 04, 2014 Concessions

It was not a good start to 2014 for Obama's big new push to rebalance the economy.

Meet the French Comedian Behind Soccer's Antisemitism Controversy
January 03, 2014 Anti-Semitism

Nicolas Anelka might regret the goal he scored on Monday: The French soccer star ignited a global controversy when, celebrating, he struck a

The Sad, Dark, Triumphant Return of 'Community'
January 03, 2014 TV

Welcome to Dan Harmon's return

5.3 Billion Reasons Why Companies that Built Coal Plants Now Want to Tear Them Down
Meet the unlikely companies profiting off green opposition to coal
January 02, 2014 Resources

Meet the unlikely companies profiting off green opposition to coal