Hilarity and Form
July 30, 2010

Ben Lerner’s hilarity shares means and effects with a Cubist painting whose shards show a whole bottle from six angles. He recombines fragments of la

The Verse Electric
July 23, 2010

Walt Whitman was the first American poet who could plausibly claim that he had made a permanent break with English verse; and he was also the first (o

Making a Soul
June 16, 2010

Relying neither on traumatic anecdote nor on ostentatious materiality of language, Henri Cole marries verbal rigor to disciplines of memory and observ

The Temptations of Art
May 04, 2010

If it is worrisome when a poet seems to lose his touch, it is great fun when he plays on our worries. This is the rhetorical hustle with which Robert

A Clockwork Doll
February 05, 2010

The common comparison of Ravikovitch with American poets like Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton is not really apt: Ravikovitch writes about herself more ir