November 14, 2014

The American Government Is Funding Human Trafficking
The ugly business of how military contractors find their workers

"It’s not that we’re idly sitting by, we’re actively paying for it."

Why You Should Care About the Federal Reserve’s Secrecy and Elitism
6:33 PM

It could impact whether or not you get a raise.

Boris Johnson's Winston Churchill Looks an Awful Lot Like Boris Johnson
5:50 PM

Johnson somehow make great praise for Churchill come off as sheer narcissism.

The Sad, Horrific Fate of Kurdish Refugees in Iran During the Gulf War
1:46 PM

"In the old bucolic days the concrete and corrugated tin barns held beasts. Now they hold humans treated like beasts."

The Ocean and Atmosphere Are Hotter Than Ever. Now, Lightning Is About to Become Worse Than Ever.

You can blame climate change for the next wild storm that wipes out your power.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Is About to Commit an Impeachable Offense
12:15 PM

The claim is totally untrue—but also very, very important.