January 13, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Is Taking Control of the Democratic Agenda
2:25 PM

Her opposition forced a Treasury nominee to withdraw—the latest in a string of victories.

This Dark Horse Could Blow Up the 2016 Republican Primary
10:52 AM

Conservatives and strategists are drooling over the junior senator from Arkansas.

January 12, 2015

Please, Tom Steyer, Don't Run for Senate
9:19 PM

Your money is much more useful to the environmental movement.

Multiculturalism Can Work in France. President Hollande Already Showed Us How.
6:35 PM

The presence of Hollande and Netanyahu was a powerful sign that ethnic and religious multiculturalism is alive—if not well—in France.

The Danish Editor Who Published Mohammed Cartoons in 2005: "This Idea That Charlie Hebdo Had an Anti-Islamic Bias Is Stupid"

An interview with Flemming Rose, the Danish editor who ran the now-infamous Mohammed cartoons.

How Deep Did the Apparent ISIS Hack of the U.S. Military's Twitter Go?

Some of the information they "leaked" was already publicly available.