September 06, 2014

It's Official: Obama Delaying Deportation Order
Critics will say it's all about politics. Critics will be right.
12:53 PM

People will say it's all about the politics. They'll be right.

September 05, 2014

A Scottish Writer Explains Why He's Voting for Independence
6:01 PM

No, we don't hate the English. We just want to elect our own government.

Why Is The Muslim World in Thrall to Conspiracy Theories?
6:00 PM

The “we’ve been lied to” argument goes only so far.

Rand Paul Should Check With the Pentagon Before He Slams Hillary Clinton
5:21 PM

Military officials are worried climate change will lead to more terrorism.

Democrats Just Put a GOP Senate Seat in Jeopardy—And Republicans Want to Suppress the Vote to Save It

They're hoping to confuse low-information voters by leaving a Democrats' name on the ballot.

We Must Stop Inflating Our Elected Leaders
Lessons from Bob McDonnell's conviction
1:15 PM

It's high time our democracy stops calling its governors "Excellencies."

Bell Curve Liberals
How the left betrayed I.Q.

How the left betrayed I.Q.

The New Al Qaeda Group in South Asia Has Nothing to Do With ISIS
But AQIS is promising a (slightly) kinder, gentler caliphate
12:35 PM

But AQIS is promising a (slightly) kinder, gentler caliphate.

Ukraine's Ceasefire Will Fail. It's a Foregone Conclusion.
12:03 PM

Explosions were reported just minutes after the ceasefire began.

Is Obamacare Making Insurance Cheaper In Your City?
New report shows prices falling in some places, but there's a catch
9:55 AM

Quite possibly—but there's a catch