April 03, 2015

Ferguson Faces Its Future
Tuesday's election is the first since Michael Brown's death
12:04 PM

Tuesday's election is the first since Michael Brown's death.

The Yemen Conflict Isn't a Sectarian War—Yet
10:21 AM

Framing the conflict as Sunni vs. Shia oversimplifies the complex political landscape within Yemen. More importantly, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How Will Hillary Break the Internet?
By announcing her candidacy with these hip technologies
8:22 AM

The question is not whether Hillary Clinton will announce she's running for president in 2016. The question is: in what hip new social media format will she announce it?

April 02, 2015

The Owners of the Keystone Pipeline Just Canceled a Project in Canada
5:07 PM

The fate of the two pipelines are tied together.

The Menendez Case Proves the Supreme Court Was Naive About Campaign Finance Laws
4:49 PM

The Citizens United decision looks even more ridiculous now.

In Wisconsin, Food Assistance Is No Longer Free
2:17 PM

If you're single without kids in Wisconsin, you're going to have to work for your food stamps. 

Harry Reid Tried to Compliment Hillary Clinton, But Stereotyped Women Instead

"Women are much more patient," Mr. Reid said. "They can be, if they are pushed the wrong way, combative, but they are not combative."

April 01, 2015