September 15, 2015

Why We Love Donald Trump's Face
8:55 AM

Donald Trump likes to say that he’s “very good looking,” but this is not quite true. 

September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders Isn't Crazy to Court Evangelicals. But Here's Why It's a Tough Sell.

There's a case for Christian democratic socialism—but legal abortion, too?

Why Is Donald Trump So Compelling? Two Advertising Experts Explain.
11:05 AM

Americans love Trump's simplified versions of complex issues, even if his proposals make no sense.

A Federal Judge's Decision Will Make Washington Even More Dysfunctional
10:29 AM

The House lawsuit over Obamacare is going forward. Is the Iran deal next?

Get Ready for Another Government Shutdown Battle
9:57 AM

Ted Cruz wants to defund Planned Parenthood—and improve his position in the Republican race.

Martin O'Malley Just Joined the Paid Leave Party. Will a Republican Candidate Join Them?
9:51 AM

He caught up with Hillary and Bernie. Will a Republican join them?

Snobs Versus Slobs: National Review's War With Its Audience
7:55 AM

Can the arbiter of polite conservatism give Trump the boot without alienating his followers? 

Donald Trump Is Being Honest With You
7:00 AM

The Republican candidate's favorite phrase says a lot about him.

September 13, 2015

Stanley Hoffmann Was One of the Great Professors of Our Time
10:18 PM

A foreign policy sage, the Harvard professor died this weekend at 86.