May 02, 2008

The (Nano)Silver Bullet
12:00 AM

Your toothpaste may be a pesticide. So might your electric razor, your computer keyboard, and your child’s teddy bear. These products, and scores of others, combine one of the world’s oldest disinfectants--silver--with one of its hottest new industries: nanotechnology. The manufacturers of these products boast that they fight bacteria, molds, and fungus. Therefore, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these products may be pesticides.

Krugman's Misleading Attack On Barack Obama
12:00 AM

Reasonable people are making reasonable arguments for and against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain.

May 01, 2008

Those Who Know Her Really Don't Like Her
12:00 AM

Here's another in the long line of super-delegates who were cozy with Hillary and Bill but really can't stand the prospect of them playing dominoes in the White House with the country again.  Joe Andrew was the Democratic National Chairman in 1999 and 2000, a Clinton designee.  Not only in effect, but in fact. Actually, Andrew had initially come out for Hillary. But the fact is that today he announced that he was crossing the line. He was endorsing Barack Obama and would vote for him in Denver. This has not been a particularly good period for Obama.

I Am Revealed As A Journalistic Malefactor!
12:00 AM

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters believes that Hillary Clinton "does have a chance to win." That's his right, though I think any close analysis that goes beyond magical thinking or mere assertion shows that this remains near-impossible. Rather than actually try to make the case for why Clinton has a good chance to win, though, Boehlert instead argues that opinion columnists like me have no right to argue otherwise: Indeed, a very strange leap has been made this year by lots of media commentators who argue against Clinton's candidacy.

Bush's "comically Primitive" Email Archiving System
12:00 AM

Tim Lee over at Ars Technica has an update on the latest developments in the ongoing White House lost-email saga. A federal magistrate judge last week criticized the administration for its foot-dragging and ordered it to provide detailed information about how it plans to salvage the millions of emails that may have been lost, in violation of federal law.

"mission Accomplished" Five Years Later
12:00 AM

Today is the anniversary of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" fete aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, an occasion for many to lament the fact that the mission still isn't accomplished. But May 1 always reminds me of a more specific failing of the Bush administration: its belief that laughter is the best medicine. That relentless optimism is not only what the public always wants, but even may have the power to tangibly improve events.

April 30, 2008

The Change Agent
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--The victory of Fernando Lugo, a left-wing former Catholic bishop, in Paraguay's presidential election is being interpreted as confirmation of the continent-wide trend against "neoliberalism"--that is, privatization, globalization and good relations with the United States.

Green-collar Blues
12:00 AM

Over at Grist, Anna Fahey posts a persuasive set of facts and counterclaims geared at convincing those who are skeptical about the existence of so-called "green collar jobs." The new policy buzzword (which Hillary Clinton injected into her Pennsylvania victory speech with as much aplomb as she did her campaign website), it seems, has some people fearful of a costly bait and switch. It isn't just that people haven't heard the details on what a green labor force would look like, though that's certainly true.

I've Changed My Mind: Maybe Everybody Should Meet With Hamas
12:00 AM

There are still many people in the world who think that Hamas is a group made up of rational thinkers. Not only Jimmy Carter. But also many inside the administration and out.I suspect that Hamas is actually united in derangement. Here's an article from Thursday's Jerusalem Post about a Hamas TV special charging that the Zionists planned and executed the Holocaust.Maybe this instance of derangement is an improvement, an improvement over the Hamas that is convinced the Holocaust is actually a fable.So why should people consort with these folk? To be exposed to Hamas's grasp of reality.

Dana Perino Snarkily Defends Pentagon Propaganda
12:00 AM

At her press briefing today, Dana Perino was asked a question about the Pentagon's controversial media outreach strategy, as depicted in the New York Times earlier this month. She had tried to skip over the questioner, but according to the transcript, Helen Thomas essentially yielded the floor to him. Perino offered this unconvincing defense: Look, I didn't know--look, I think that you guys should take a step back and look at this--look, DOD has made a decision, they've decided to stop this program.