November 06, 2007

Blog Roundup: Ron Paul Edition
12:00 AM

The Case for Ron Paul: [Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com]: “Perhaps most importantly, Paul is the only serious candidate aggressively challenging America's addiction to ruling the world through superior military force and acting as an empire -- not by contesting specific policies (such as the Iraq War) but by calling into question the unexamined root premises of these policies, the ideology that is defining our role in the world.”   Concurring Opinion: [Ross Douthat, The Atlantic]: “I suspect that if the Democrats take the White House, certain elements in the GOP will rediscover their 1990s-vintage

12:00 AM

From the Times' summary of Ron Paul's big day: Mr. Paul has stood out from the Republican field for his opposition to the war in Iraq. In the speech he argues that the fight against terrorism is threatening American democracy. “The American Republic is in remnant status,” he says. “The stage is set for our country eventually devolving into military dictatorship, and few seem to care.” Mr. Benton clarified that Mr. Paul did not support blowing up government buildings. “He wants to demolish things like the Department of Education,” Mr.

Naomi Campbell: Whopee, There's A Revolution!
12:00 AM

 Cruel revolutions have a knack for attracting pampered fans.  But mostly these fans come from countries other than those in which the revolutions make their promises and take away whatever freedoms -- usually not many -- the people had.The revolutionary of the decade seems to be Hugo Chavez, now on his way by constitutional usurpation to being dictator for life.  Already he has drawn to his side such enthusiasts as Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey and two hands full of others.  "Useful idiots," is what Lenin called the social type.  Now Naomi Campbell has joined the traipse to Caracas ad

V For Vendetta: Paul Hauls, Edwards Keeps Hitting
12:00 AM

Paul's Haul [David Kirkpatrick, New York Times]: "On Monday, a group of Paul supporters helped raised more than $4.07 million in one day — approaching what the campaign raised in the entire last quarter — through a Web site called ThisNovember5th.com."  Obama Targets Fence-sitters [John McCormick, Chicago Tribune]: "Obama's embracing of the GOP expanded today with the release by his campaign of a list of 268 Iowa Republicans backing his candidacy."  Giuliani's New Cold War [Joelle Farrell, Concord Monitor]: "Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said yesterday that ...

November 05, 2007

Primary Pain
12:00 AM

It is no secret: National political parties are losing control of the presidential nominating process. The system finds itself in such chaos that Senators Amy Klobuchar, Joe Lieberman and Lamar Alexander--the latter two former presidential candidates themselves--have stepped in with a plan for massive reform. The bill, however, would presumably face a court challenge, and recent Supreme Court decisions indicate it, and any other legislative effort, would likely be struck down.Klobuchar's bill, which she first offered on July 31, proposes to carve the country into four regions.

Turkey’s Day
12:00 AM

If there is one thing that Iraq does not need, it is additional sources of conflict and instability. Right now, the only part of Iraq that is stable and shows prospects of developing economically and politically is the Kurdish areas of the north. Though not without challenges, especially given the uncertainty over the future of Kirkuk, the Kurdish government there is working, and constitutes at least one model of success in Iraq. But Turkish military posturing along the northern Iraqi border may soon not be limited only to a war of words or military maneuvers.

If Only Bush Had Been Clearer!
12:00 AM

Over at Slate, Lee Smith argues in favor of standing by Musharraf despite his imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan. (Next week: Dennis Eckersley defends military aid to Hosni Mubarak.) Smith is right to note that we don't really have any good options in Pakistan (for which Fred Kaplan blames the Bush administration), but he seems far too willing to give Musharraf the benefit of every doubt while exempting him from blame for all of Pakistan's problems.

Partisan Pork
12:00 AM

The Club for Growth has taken time out from its anti-Huckabee crusade to publish its painfully titled "2007 Senate RePORK Card." It has some interesting findings, but (probably intentionally) the press release neglects to even mention the major 2007 pork-related development on Capitol Hill. In summarizing votes on anti-pork amendments, the report tells us that "the average Republican score was 59%; the average Democratic score was 12%." Wow, Republicans are a lot better at fighting pork than Democrats, right?

Iowa Dems Huff, Puff At Hillary's White House Years
12:00 AM

Saturday Night Obama [Jim Rutenberg, New York Times]:  "Coup of the Weekend: Barack Obama showed up on 'Saturday Night Live,' unannounced, to deliver the famous opening line, 'Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!' ” No GOP Strongman in 2008 [Jon Cohen and Dan Balz, Washington Post]: "For the first time in nearly 30 years, there is no breakaway front-runner for the Republican nomination as the first votes of Campaign 2008 loom, and a new Washington Post-ABC News poll underscores how open the GOP race remains."  Iowans on the Clinton Vault [John McCormick, Chicago Tribune]: "With Sen.

November 04, 2007

The Democrats' Biggest Obstacle To Power
12:00 AM

Philip Stephens writes for the FT, and on Friday he published a rather sage little essay in it: "America is still indispensable but it must work with others."  OK, the last thought is both obvious and more than a bit hoary.  Still, it's true.  And everyone knows it.                                 The surprising argument that Stephens makes you did not get from the Democratic debate, at which the underlying theme was the decline and fall of the United States.  Instead, his major point is the indispensability of the U.S.