October 21, 2008

Obama's Sneaky New Climate Strategy
12:00 AM

Last week, Jason Grumet, one of Obama's main energy advisors, caused a small splash in enviro-policy circles by telling Bloomberg News that, if Obama becomes president, his EPA would probably use the authority given to it by the Supreme Court last year and start regulating carbon-dioxide emissions directly. In other words, an Obama administration wouldn't necessarily have to wait for Congress before starting to curtail greenhouse gases.

Asian Americans And Same-sex Marriage In California
12:00 AM

In addition to casting ballots for individual candidates Nov. 4, voters in California will be voting on Proposition 8, a high-profile initiative that would ban gay marriage, effectively overturning a May decision by the California Supreme Court. A study released last week reveals a surprising group of swing voters on the issue: Asian Americans. The study, which is the largest of its kind in the United States, surveyed 1,900 likely Asian American voters in eight languages between August 18 and September 26. It showed that by a margin of 57 to 32 percent, the population opposed Prop 8.

The Security Council Will Never Curb Iran's Nuclear Appetite But The Price Of Oil, Down By Half Since Its Summer High, May Well
12:00 AM

Iran, Russia and Venezuela have always yearned to play a tough, even aggressive foreign policy game. And they did when the price of crude went up, up, up. By the time oil went to $147 a barrel these countries and their dictators were pushing everyone near--and some far--around.Venezuela made virtual war on Columbia and taunted the U.S.

October 20, 2008

How the West Was Lost
12:00 AM

Two regions in this election contain a disproportionate number of battleground states: the Rust Belt (including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin) and the Interior West (Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada). On that score, each candidate would seem to have a home-region advantage, with Barack Obama representing Illinois in the heart of the Rust Belt region, and John McCain Arizona in the Interior West. Studies have proven the presence of a strong “friends and neighbors” effect in a candidate’s home state: They tend to outperform their demographics among voters who know them the bes

12:00 AM

John McCain says that he wasn’t surprised by Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Nobody should be. Powell has broken ranks in his own inimitable style. For years, he has tried to distance himself from the administration. But he would rarely bring himself to do it in public; instead, he perfected the techniques of a ferocious bureaucratic in-fighter. He was the master of identifying himself in print interviews as “senior administration official,” not to mention the political art of poignant silence.

12:00 AM

I can't believe there wasn't more gloating on the liberal blogs yesterday about this story (emphasis added): The recent collapse on Wall Street appears to have found another victim: the independent political groups aiming to make an impact on the 2008 elections.... [F]undraising consultants say the economic collapse ultimately slammed the door.

Why Ceos Don't Get It On Health Care
12:00 AM

Why aren't employers, who complain constantly about the cost of employee health benefits, begging and pleading for government to take health insurance away from them? That's the question Ezra Klein asks in a smart post over at the American Prospect site: The big question here, of course, is employers. Why they haven't risen up and demanded an end to the employer-based health care market is one of the questions that I've never been able to answer. Why does GM want to build cars and also provide health insurance?

October 18, 2008

The End Of Nixonland
12:00 AM

Rick Perlstein's Nixonland brilliantly covers a period that is finally coming to an end. Perlstein's book focuses on Richard Nixon's runs for the White House, beginning in 1966.  Democrats, facing a voter backlash over rioting, crime, and the Vietnam War lost 47 House seats in 1966.  Nixon rode that revolt into the White House two years later and exploited it while in office to win re-election in a landslide in 1972.  Perlstein correctly states that Nixon came "to power by using the anger, anxieties, and resentments produced by the cultural chaos of the 1960s," and defines Nixonland as the st

October 17, 2008

Out Of The Gutter
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--The moment of truth in Wednesday evening's debate came when Bob Schieffer asked the candidates if they would be willing to repeat, face to face, some of the personal charges they have made against each other in their ads and on the trail.At first, John McCain flinched. Instead of answering directly, he suggested, remarkably, that it was Barack Obama who was running the more negative campaign. Polls show that this is certainly not the impression of voters.

Cinderella Story, Out of Nowhere
12:00 AM

GREENSBORO, N.C.--It’s 9 a.m., and Kay Hagan, her morning jog already a distant memory, breezes into a breakfast at the Democratic Women of North Carolina’s annual convention. Dressed in a sharp brown suit and pumps, the Democratic Senate candidate glad-hands quickly, finds her way to the stage, and, after a few introductory remarks from her fans, launches into her stump speech: increasing access to health care, improving education, adding new green energy jobs.