November 17, 2008

A Peek At The Senate's Energy Priorities
12:00 AM

Next year, new Congress: Who will be the major players crafting energy policy? Well, there's Barack Obama—him you know. There's Barbara Boxer, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works committee and will likely get first crack at any climate bill.

Transition News 11/17
12:00 AM

In case you missed it Sunday, Obama did his first post-election interview on 60 Minutes. Obama detailed plans for government agencies in letter to federal employees, WaPo reports. How Obama is like Abraham Lincoln. Democrats move carefully as they prepare to control the homeland security department for the first time.  LA Times ponders whom Obama might appoint to the Supreme Court.

Ongoing Puzzle: How Best To Manage Bill
12:00 AM

 On its front page today, the WaPo offers up the requisitethink-about-all-the-conflicts-posed-by-Hillary-being-Secretary-of-State-and-Bill-remaining-philanthropist-in-chief piece. Enumerating the challenges posed by such an arrangement, reporters Michael Shear and Philip Rucker note that having Bill so close to the Secretary of State would go against the traditional preference of sitting presidents to keep their predecessors at arm's length. As a point of contrast, they remind us how annoying it was for George W.

Why And How To Bail Out Detroit (continued)
12:00 AM

One reason nobody is excited about bailing out the auto industry is that it defies the free market. If the companies can't make it on their own, shouldn't the government just let them die? It's a reasonable argument. But today in the Washington Post, an economist with some pretty cood intellectual credentials--Jeffrey Sachs--makes the case for a bailout anyway. ...the automakers cannot turn to ordinary borrowing to tide them over until that happens because of the ravaged capital markets. The risk spreads of corporate bonds over U.S.

Henry Kissinger Is For Her! I'm Not. Are You?
12:00 AM

I confess: Hillary Clinton has never appealed to me.  There have been so many Hillary Clintons that I suspect that none was authentic.  In any case, the young Hillary was a fashionable leftie.  No, she wasn't Bill Ayers.  But her Wellesley commencement address was especially trite when trite was the rule.  She worked for a communist law firm.  She was faddish when independent thinking was what the country needed.Hillary then went to Little Rock, armed with a Yale Law School diploma, and worked for another law firm, this one positively sleazy.  She was the haughty wife of the coy governor and g

A Suitable Boy
12:00 AM

I've known Greg Craig for four decades.  He still looks like a boy.  That's the only resentment I have towards him. Quite to the contrary:  this is an excellent appointment.  Greg was made for the office of White House counsel: scrupulously honest, very bright, a sense of what history commands of the present and an inclination towards scholarship that deepens his own respect for the law as it constrains naked power.  One more thing: he has a grasp of China that is also rare.  A very practical intellectual.

November 16, 2008

Filling Out The White House Staff
12:00 AM

Obama has announced more top White House appointments: Pete Rouse, his Senate chief of staff, will be a senior adviser; Jim Messina, the campaign's chief of staff, will be a deputy White House chief of staff; and sharing that role with Messina will be Mona Sutphen, a onetime foreign service officer who did tours in the Clinton NSA and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. Also, Politico is reporting that Greg Craig, who defended Clinton during impeachment, will be White House counsel. --Seyward Darby

November 15, 2008

Let Lieberman Live
12:00 AM

On Tuesday, Democratic Senators will decide the political fate of Joe Lieberman. For the past several years, Lieberman has been a persistent thorn in their side--a relentless critic of Democratic attempts to end the war in Iraq and a no-less-vocal advocate of President Bush’s surge strategy. Relations have grown considerably worse since he endorsed John McCain for President last December and delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention this fall.

Identity Problems
12:00 AM

Ever since Election Night, the specter of 1994 has loomed over the Democratic Party. Would the Democrats “overreach”? Would this bright new dawn of liberalism come crashing down as rapidly as the last one had?The 1993-1994 period took place long enough ago that the feeling it engendered has been forgotten, and the causes of the Democrats’ failure have mostly receded into myth.

Spitzer As Senator?
12:00 AM

Ben Smith has an intriguing proposal: If Hillary becomes secretary of state, appoint Eliot Spitzer to replace her. I like it. Say what you will about the guy, he knows a thing or two about taming Wall Street excesses. And, as luck would have it, he shares some thoughts on the subject in tomorrow's Washington Post: The new president's team must soon get to the root causes of the mistakes that have brought us to the economic precipice.