April 27, 2007

Race To The Bottom
12:00 AM

Is Rudy Giuliani trying to outpander Mitt Romney? As Brad notes below, it appears so. Last night, he "came out" to the the New York Sun with news that he opposes the civil unions bill recently passed by the New Hampshire State Senate, expected to be signed into law by the Republican Governor. "In this specific case the law states same sex civil unions are the equivalent of marriage and recognizes same sex unions from outside states. This goes too far and Mayor Giuliani does not support it," his spokesman told the Sun.

April 26, 2007

Fidel'n Friends
12:00 AM

The Nation has a symposium on the future of Cuba.

April 25, 2007

Richardson's Strange Choice
12:00 AM

Maybe Bill Richardson thought he was saying something very clever and bi-partisan. After addressing the National Democratic Jewish Council (along with all the other aspirants for the nomination), he told members of the press that, if elected, he would consider appointing former secretary of state James Baker special envoy for the Middle East. Now, Richardson's whole campaign is self-delusional: he will not be nominated for president or, for that matter, vice president either. But, still...does he think Baker is a credible or popular figure?

The Courting Of Pat Robertson
12:00 AM

Today's WaPo story on the McCain campaign's (re)launch notes that while the candidate sucked up to Jerry Falwell, he stiffed Pat Robertson. If only other GOP presidential candidates were, as the Post put it, so "half-hearted" in their efforts to court two of the most objectionable figures on the right. From the New York Observer's article on the White House Correspondents dinner: Sometime between the pan-roasted filet of salmon and Rich Little's dusty impressions, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney strode over to Pat Robertson's table. "He's going to have to do what John F.

April 24, 2007

The Dems' Deadline
12:00 AM

The Democrats did not take the advice proffered them by their official pooh-bah on important matters by the former co-chairman of the 9/11 commission and also former co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group, Lee Hamilton, former senior Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee. Of course, he chose to give his counsel in yesterday's London Financial Times which nobody in Washington reads. But, still, it was wise counsel: do not try to overthrow the president as commander-in-chief. It's bad strategy in Iraq.

It Never Ends
12:00 AM

Uh-oh. Time for Karl Rove to start sweating again? [T]he Office of Special Counsel is preparing to jump into one of the most sensitive and potentially explosive issues in Washington, launching a broad investigation into key elements of the White House political operations that for more than six years have been headed by chief strategist Karl Rove. The new investigation, which will examine the firing of at least one U.S.

Rove Throws Bush Hacks Overboard
12:00 AM

This graf in Byron York's account of the Laurie David/Sheryl Crow/Karl Rove dustup this weekend caught my eye: In the eyewitness' version, again, David and Crow are a bit more aggressive than their own story suggests. The eyewitness says David told Rove, You need to bring in new people to tell you the truth. Rove mentioned Dr. John Marburger, the White House science advisor. At that point, according to the eyewitness, Crow began poking Rove's chest with her finger, demanding to know what corporations were underwriting Marburger's work.

Bush's Brain
12:00 AM

No, not the one who's back under investigation.

April 23, 2007

The Fixer
12:00 AM

BEFORE THERE WAS Walter Reed—before the revelations in The Washington Post, before the congressional hearings and presidential commissions and resigning generals—there was Joshua Murphy and his bad dream. In November 2005, Murphy returned home to Wichita Falls, Texas, after service that included a year patrolling the treacherous Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City as a specialist in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Prior to the war, he had been outgoing, social, well-liked—“just your basic eighteen-year-old kid,” in the words of his mother, Monica.

Squeeze Play
12:00 AM

Dennis Ross explains how to negotiate with Tehran.