June 10, 2008

Is Mccain Saying Bush Is As Bad As Carter?
12:00 AM

First Read makes an interesting point about McCain invoking Carter in response to the charge that he's running for a third Bush term: Lost in McCain's attack is the subtle admittance that Bush has become the Republican's Carter. While Democrats have accepted the fact Carter was a mediocre-to-bad president, have rank-and-file Republicans had their own come to Jesus on Dubya? Are they ready to accept that he'll go down in history as their Carter?

June 09, 2008

Jim Gilmore's Train Wreck
12:00 AM

The meltdown of Jim Gilmore's bid for a Virginia Senate seat against Mark Warner continues: Fairfax County Republican Vincent F. Callahan Jr., former chairman of the Virginia House Appropriations Committee and onetime ally of James S. Gilmore III, said he would announce Monday that he is supporting Democrat Mark R. Warner in the state's U.S.

A Simpler Obama-hillary Explanation
12:00 AM

Forget race, gender, Mark Penn, Patti Solis Doyle, "change" versus "experience," Iraq, fundraising, immigrant drivers licenses, Bill Clinton, losing Iowa, skipping the other caucuses, the gas tax, sniper fire, Obama Girl, will.i.am and Matt Drudge. Maybe he was just taller? Which bodes well against McCain... Caveat: I ran into Fred Thompson at the 2007 White House correspondents' dinner and told him "Tallest man wins!" "I hope so!" he replied. (Turns out you actually have to put some effort into it, too.) --Michael Crowley

June 08, 2008

Straight Talk From The Mccain Campaign Blog
12:00 AM

The new McCain campaign blog, written by former Weekly Standard web editor Michael Goldfarb, highlights this enlightening snippet from a Frederick Kagan editorial in that magazine's latest issue: For any voter trying to choose between the two candidates for commander in chief, there is no better test than this: When American strategy in a critical theater was up for grabs, John McCain proposed a highly unpopular and risky path, which he accurately predicted could lead to success.

June 07, 2008

Exit Hillary
12:00 AM

As Hillary Clinton's farewell event wound down here at the National Building Museum in Washington, she and Bill worked one last rope line, to one last blare of inanely upbeat pop music: "There's only one place left I wanna go...

June 06, 2008

A Woman In Full

It is time that we pay tribute to Simone de Beauvoir. Posterity being what it is--unjust, capricious, confusing and chaotic, making a great deal out of very little, force-feeding us May '68 nostalgia and treating the dead as if they have not lost any of their formidable, vibrant virulence (not that this is, in this case, such a terrible thing)--it is time we celebrate Simone de Beauvoir on a scale commensurate with the 100th anniversary of her birth, which passed nearly unnoticed on Jan.

3 A.M. For Feminism

Amy Siskind, a 42-year-old mother of two from Westchester, stood in a Washington, D.C., park on the last day in May, telling a few hundred cheering people that she would not, under any circumstances, vote for Barack Obama. She was a lifelong Democrat, she said, a donor and a volunteer for the party. But, watching the race with a “mixture of shock, disgrace, and disgust,” she was appalled at the leadership’s failure to defend Hillary Clinton from the sexism that she believes bolstered Barack Obama’s campaign.

Gaming Out Cap-and-trade In The Next Congress
12:00 AM

As Brad notes, Lieberman–Warner didn't come close to getting the 60 votes needed for cloture this year. It got 48 votes (roll call here), plus pledges from six more senators who missed the vote but say they would have voted for cloture. So that means it came up six votes short. Where might those votes come from if a similar bill is brought up next year? Obviously, a whip count this far out is very, very rough, but here's some idea.

No Climate Bill This Year
12:00 AM

Well, as expected, the Boxer-Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade bill quietly died in the Senate this morning after not getting the 60 votes needed to squeak past a Republican filibuster. Boxer's office sent out an e-mail earlier noting that six senators who weren't present on the floor wrote letters saying they would have voted to invoke cloture—Obama, Clinton, McCain, Kennedy, Biden, Coleman. Technically, I suppose, that makes 54 votes in favor of moving to the amendment stage.

Is D.c.'s "military-style Checkpoint" Plan Unconstitutional?
12:00 AM

There's been a fair amount of uproar in the D.C. blogosphere in response to the city's plan to set up a "military-style checkpoint" outside the Trinidad neighborhood in Northeast D.C. The idea, hatched in response to a wave of drive-by murders and armed robberies, is to stop all cars entering the area to ascertain whether they have a "legitimate purpose" for being in the area. It's certainly a controversial plan--and, at least to an uninformed observer like me, there are a variety of reasons why it seems likely to prove ineffective--but is it unconstitutional?