August 04, 2008

The Most Disturbing Thing I've Read In Years
12:00 AM

Even more disturbing than this, though that rates a close second. As for number one, it comes from Jane Mayer's new book, by way of Alan Brinkley's excellent review in Sunday's Times: By the end of 2005, those defending the regime of torture were no longer seeking primarily to protect the search for valuable intelligence. They were fighting for its survival, in the face of considerable evidence of the failure of SERE and other programs, because they feared being prosecuted should the program be halted and exposed.

August 01, 2008

The TNR Q&A: Walter Russell Mead

Ever since the primaries, when Barack Obama had trouble picking up votes in Appalachia and Hillary Clinton posed as the candidate of "hard-working Americans," strategists have been worried about his ability to pick up the instinctively populist voters whom historian Walter Russell Mead dubs "Jacksonians." <?xml:namespace prefix = o />Mead argues that Jacksonianism--which developed in the Scots-Irish communities of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Appalachia--has spread throughout the United States to become the unwritten code that governs our gut understanding of ideas like honor and

Bitter, Party Of Two
12:00 AM

No sooner had Lanny J. Davis published a long op-ed in yesterday's Wall Street Journal instructing Barack Obama as to why he "should pick Hillary" as his vice presidential running mate that today's New York Times ran a short piece by Michael Falcone reporting that the "campaign for Clinton ends." And as it has ended though,  I shall point out, there are already post-scripts.Lanny and I are friends, you know, Washington friends, not close but slap-on-the-back cordial. He served as one of Bill Clinton's tribunes, doing p.r. during the mortifying impeachment proceedings.

Dictatorships And Afpakistandards
12:00 AM

Today the New York Times leads with a story about the culprits in a July 7 car bombing of the Indian embassy in Pakistan. According to intercepted communications, the attack was reportedly sanctioned and supported by factions of Pakistan’s military intelligence agency.

July 31, 2008

Repositioning Obama
12:00 AM

The president hasn't "abandoned the center"--but that won't stop critics from tarring him for it. Has Barack Obama shifted to the left since his election as president?

Meet The New Boss, Dissimilar To The Old Boss
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--It was a little-noticed episode during Barack Obama's boffo foreign trip, but it was the moment most relevant to the American presidential campaign.On the final stop of his trip last Saturday, Obama dropped in on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown during the PM's most stressful weekend since he replaced Tony Blair a year ago.Just two days earlier, Brown's Labor Party had lost a special election in one of its safest seats, a working-class bastion in Glasgow.

The Post-Rove Guru
12:00 AM

Sergeant Schmidt. The Artillery Shell.

Catching Karadzic
12:00 AM

"I have been born to live without a grave, this human body will never die, it was not born just to smell flowers but also to set aflame, kill, and reduce to dust."<?xml:namespace prefix = o />Thus spoke the youthful Radovan Karadžic, the poet and psychiatrist who, as the leader of the Bosnian Serbs in the early 1990s, became the chief architect of their "ethnic cleansing" policy. His extreme version of Serbian nationalism justified the mass expulsion of civilian populations and the murder of over 100,000 people.

Bad News For Bolten And Miers
12:00 AM

A federal district judge has ordered Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers to comply with congressional subpoenas stemming from the investigation into U.S. attorney firings.

Back To The 2000 South Carolina Primary?
12:00 AM

Tom Edsall helpfully recalls McCain's most famous attack ad--against George W. Bush in the 2000 South Carolina primary: On February 1 that year, McCain emerged as the 19-point victor in the New Hampshire primary, well-positioned to put a dagger through George W. Bush's heart in the South Carolina primary - the contest Bush was banking on to stem his hemorrhage.