April 10, 2008

How The Farm Bill Survived Intact
12:00 AM

Via Kevin Drum, a Los Angeles Times op-ed gets furious about the farm bill that's gurgling through Congress. So much for all that noise about reform we heard last year  from Oxfam and various environmental groups (and from Bush, for that matter); it came to naught: What can we citizens expect if the proposed $300-billion farm bill is signed into law? Federally subsidized feed—corn, soybeans and cottonseed—for animal factory farms that spread disease, greenhouse gases and dangerous working conditions wherever they set up shop.

April 09, 2008

Family Values
12:00 AM

During the 2004 presidential election, Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs and Archbishop Ray Burke of St. Louis let it be known that they would deny pro-choice politicians communion. It was a pointed rebuke to the first Catholic Democratic nominee since JFK, John Kerry. Turning the altar rail into a battlefront in the culture wars was unprecedented, but the Vatican did not take any steps to rein in the bishops--in fact, a later memo from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith seemed to support their actions.

Sifting Through the Ashes
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--Robert Mugabe's defeat in the recent elections in Zimbabwe is the beginning of the end for that country's octogenarian tyrant.

The Trouble With Talking
12:00 AM

Barack Obama's professed willingness to sit down with dictators may have elicited jeers from the Clinton campaign, but in recent months the idea has found broad support in the mainstream of center-left opinion.

Bookmarks: Recommended Reading About Labor
12:00 AM

The labor movement once loomed large over American politics. If the nineteenth century was dominated by conflict with Indians and over slavery, the early twentieth center was dominated by what was called “the labor question.” But very few Americans outside Washington today know anything about the labor movement. I talked recently to a historian who was writing a book on liberalism who didn’t know that in 2005, a group of unions had split off from the AFL-CIO to form Change to Win.

The Jimmy Carter Dictator Tour
12:00 AM

The Jerusalem Post reports today that Jimmy Carter is once again going to Syria. I know that he has a particular affection for the Assads, p

April 08, 2008

Poison Penn
12:00 AM

By the end, it was hard to count all the reasons the members of Team Hillary wanted to see Mark Penn laid low. The rumpled, portly pollster's apparently unpardonable sin was his March 31 meeting with the Colombian ambassador to discuss the efforts of Penn's PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, to procure a trade pact specifically opposed by Senator Clinton. But Penn had been a focus of animus within the Hillary campaign from day one.

The Misunderestimators
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--The most striking critiques of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign have come not from her opponents or her enemies, but from her most loyal friends.Since December, I have been hearing a steady stream of worries from Clinton partisans who took Barack Obama's challenge seriously from the start.

A Preview Of That Dysfunctional Mccain White House
12:00 AM

Earlier today I talked up Peter Beinart's column about how presidents tend to run their administrations the way they campaign. Well, if you want a sense of how dysfunctional a McCain administration could be, read Jason Zengerle's excellent piece about the warring tribes of the McCain campaign. The McCainiacs make the Clinton campaign look like the Get Along Gang. --Noam Scheiber

Extinguish The Torch!
12:00 AM

Steve Clemons makes a convincing case that, contra calls from Hillary Clinton, President Bush should not boycott the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. But is there any reason the U.S. shouldn't boycott this round-the-world relay of the Olympic torch, which is scheduled to make an appearance in San Francisco tomorrow?  First, just consider the amount of government resources that will be put toward protecting this stupid torch.