October 06, 1979

How Ted Got Drafted
12:00 AM

The groups behind Ted Kennedy's 1980 presidential primary challenge.

July 21, 1979

12:00 AM

In 1867 Charles Dickens reported on "the first meeting of the Mudfog Association for the Advancement of Everything." A dozen years ago, on the centennial of that occasion, I became Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Santa Barbara, California. I was reminded of these moments in history by the news that the Center, after years of seedy gentility, has found a new benefactor. It has been taken in as a ward of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

January 27, 1979

A New Nationalism
12:00 AM

In recent years American politics has been distracted by a new and destructive pluralism. This new pluralism disorganizes public policy and sets group against group. Its paralyzing and disorienting effects challenge citizens, leaders and above all the president to elicit and affirm a new nationalism that will again put us in mind of what makes us a people and again give direction to our public affairs.The problem is not the conflict of classes. Indeed, we may look back with nostalgia to the class struggle of New Deal days, which did much to make sense of politics and policies then.

November 11, 1978

Over the (Bigger) Rainbow
12:00 AM

It's easy to dislike The Wiz (Universal), but it's also easy to like it. It's torrentially syrupy, calculatedly simplistic, and the star is weak. On the other hand, it's lavish lavish lavish: no one really believes in the syrup or the simplicities except as a medium through which some skills can operate; and the skills are there: almost every person connected with the film except the star is excellent. If you're going to spend $35 million (reportedly) on a remake of The Wizard of Oz, revised and updated with an all-black cast, you couldn't do a great deal better than this.

September 23, 1978

The Dynast
12:00 AM

"Happy the country," Bertolt Brecht wrote, "which requires no heroes." But our country is unhappy, and it is looking for a hero. That's what the polls tell us, and have told us for more than a decade now—in fact, ever since Ted Kennedy's older brother was cut down at the threshold of victory in the kitchen of a Los Angeles hotel. Not a martyr's death exactly, Robert Kennedy's, but that of a victim of the bitter mood he simultaneously exploited and tried to bend to hope. Will Teddy pick up the fallen banner? The question is being posed again for the fourth consecutive presidential campaign.

Kennedy the President
12:00 AM

Edward Kennedy favors national health insurance, everybody knows. He also favors detente with Soviet Union, a break-up of the big oil companies, immediate normalization of relations with Communist-China, the Equal Rights Amendment and Medicaid-financed abortions. He doesn't think Russian mucking about in Africa should affect our willingness to negotiate arms limitation treaties. He co-sponsored the Humphrey-Hawkins full employment bill. He publicly criticizes human rights violations in Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Nicaragua, but prefers the "quiet approach" to the Soviet Union.

April 22, 1978

Another Good Season

Eugene McCarthy: Why baseball is different from all other sports.

November 12, 1977

Becoming a Pro
12:00 AM

James Cramer: At the Eagles' training camp, meritocracy really works.

September 03, 1977

A House Built on Sand
12:00 AM

Jungle Beach at Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard used to be the toniest plage in Massachusetts. A haven for bathers clothed and nude, it derived its name from the thick brush that cut it off from the island's south shore road. Reaching the beach involved hacking through the thicket, but the reward was a beach free of the crowding, vendors and photochemical oxidants of more popular spots.  That was until a syndicate led by Robert Strange McNamara won control of Jungle Beach in an estate sale.

July 23, 1977

The Moral Equivalent to Football

Wilcomb E. Washburn: Why football reflects the true nature of the American character.