June 29, 1998

12:00 AM

I was in Niksic on my preelection tour of Montenegro, drinking slivovitz with the mother of the most famous son of this land when the telephone rang. My host picked it up. The caller, it appeared, wanted to speak with "Nada"-- the Serb version of the woman's name "Hope." "No, you've got the wrong number, " answered Madame Jovanka Karadzic without missing a beat; "There is no Hope here.

June 22, 1998

Guns 'n' Moses
12:00 AM

Jonathan Cohn: Meet the Jews against gun control.

May 25, 1998

Battle Wary

 The Bible recounts that, after conquering Jericho, Joshua sent a party to reconnoiter toward Ai. Upon returning, the scouts assured their commander that this quarter of the Promised Land would fall easily. There would be no need to use the entire army. "Spare the whole people such a toil," the scouts urged. "The enemy are not many." Joshua detached only a token force to subdue the region. But the people of Ai, unimpressed with the reputation of Joshua's army, resisted fiercely and turned back the attackers.

May 18, 1998

12:00 AM

In this 1998 piece, Dana Milbank profiles Kagan the intellectual.

April 13, 1998

The Open Society
12:00 AM

Peter H. Schuck: Forget nativism. Americans are pro-immigration.

12:00 AM

President Clinton inspired dark comparisons to Watergate last week when he invoked executive privilege to prevent his aides from testifying before Kenneth Starr's grand jury. His critics are treating the president's claim as proof that he has something to hide. "Not since Richard Nixon tried to withhold incriminating taped evidence--and was forced by the unanimous Supreme Court to respond to the subpoena of a grand jury--has a president presumed to wrap personal wrongdoing in the cloak of official business," William Safire thundered.

March 30, 1998

Due Process
12:00 AM

The international war crimes tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia, once written off even by some of its supporters as a well-intentioned but ineffectual experiment, has been making remarkable strides in recent weeks. Since the summer, nato has conducted three raids to arrest indicted war criminals in Bosnia; this has evidently scared some other suspects into turning themselves in. Four suspects, all Bosnian Serbs, have surrendered to the tribunal since midJanuary.

March 16, 1998

I Pry
12:00 AM

At every stage in her ridiculous lawsuit against Bill Clinton, Paula Jones has deftly adjusted her allegations to take advantage of the peculiarities of sexual harassment law itself. When she filed her complaint in 1994, for example, Jones claimed unconvincingly that her career had suffered because she spurned Clinton's alleged advance, although she hadn't mentioned anything about retaliation in her initial interviews or press conference. Then, last week, Jones changed her story yet again.

March 15, 1998

Exile and the Kingdom
12:00 AM

Messianism, Zionism, and Jewish Religious Radicalism By Aviezer Ravitzky. Translated by Michael Swirsky and Jonathan Chipman (University of Chicago Press, 303 pp., $17.95) When it emerged as a political program for the Jews at the end of the nineteenth century, Zionism was a phenomenon for which traditional Jewish life was completely unequipped. It was new and it was perplexing, a movement that eluded categorization in the religious terms and the religious images of the past. It promised a political solution that was neither redemption nor exile.

March 12, 1998

After the Tsunami
12:00 AM

Until the East Asian miracle went up in a cloud of smoke, most East Asian specialists and comparative political scientists were optimistic about the prospects for democracy in the region. That's because nearly everyone subscribed to the “modernization thesis” first proposed by Stanford University Professor Seymour Martin Lipset in 1959. According to this thesis, economic development produces a new urban middle class--professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and so on--motivated to challenge authoritarian rule.