May 24, 1969

More Studies, And More People
12:00 AM

Robert McNamara, president of the World Bank, spoke to a gathering of Roman Catholics at Notre Dame University recently and told them in a most polite but chilling fashion what the world can expect unless it is able to contain the population explosion. "To project the totals beyond the year 2000 becomes so demanding on the imagination," Mr. McNamara said, "as to make the statistics almost incomprehensible. A child born today living on into his seventies, would know a world of 15 billion.

March 29, 1969

A Painful, Witty Oddity
12:00 AM

My Father and Myselfby J. R. Ackerley(Coward-McCann; $5.00) J. R. Ackerley is not much known in this country and possibly never will be. It is a small loss but a real one. In Britain, although hardly famous, he has long been a connoisseurs' choice. (His admirers include E. M. Forster, Harold Nicolson, Elizabeth Bowen and Angus Wilson.) From 1935 until 1959 he was literary editor of The Listener, the BBC weekly (a very good review section, too). During his life he published only three books--a novel and two books of memoirs--and a play.

December 30, 1968

Strom Thurmond Country
12:00 AM

Robert Coles and Harry Huge chronicle South Carolina's persistent poverty.

December 14, 1968

The Coming Trip Around The Moon
12:00 AM

THE EDITORS: What's the significance of this month's trip around the moon?MR LAPP: From a technical viewpoint, a successful shot could probably move up the date of the first lunar landing from the summer of 1969 to the spring. From a scientific angle, I don't think it will add much to what we already know about the moon. After all, we have has surveyor experiments made by instruments on the lunar surface.Does the Apollo-8 flight have political significance?If we beat the Soviets around the moon we are then one up in the race to the moon--and a notch higher on the lunar totem pole.

November 02, 1968

Bundy's Doctrine of War without End

It has become fashionable among scholars, retired public officials, and politicians to admit that our involvement in Vietnam has not been a success. It has also become fashionable to turn from this admission of failure to the post-Vietnam future without pausing to ask what accounts for that failure. It is more important, so it is argued, to end the war than to discover what led us into it. To bury the past and get ready for the future is taken as a manifestation of both positive and patriotic thinking.

September 21, 1968

Black Cooperatives
12:00 AM

A major preoccupation of American social scientists is demonstrating that radicals have no following. According to samplings made for Xerox's "Black America" television specials, for instance, only six percent of black people "approve" of Stokely Carmichael. For all the agitation over community control of schools in New York, the Center for Urban Education reports that only one-third of Bedford-Stuyvesant residents favor community control. These results are hardly a revelation.

August 03, 1968

Southern Democrats: Not What They Used To Be
12:00 AM

Birmingham, Ala.—The test of the Democratic Party's willingness to cope effectively with racist politics in the Deep South in 1968 will center around the three-way fight shaping up for Alabama's one set of credentials at Chicago. There will be major credentials challenges from other states, notably Mississippi, but only in Alabama do the options cover the field—from the Wallace-infested "regular" delegates elected in the spring primary, through an old-style "loyalist" group going under the name of the Alabama Independent Democrats (AID), to the National Democratic Party of Alabama, a vigorous

March 30, 1968

A Case for Cutting NASA's Budget
12:00 AM

Criticism of our space program is overdue. In the last eight fiscal years the United States has spent more than $30 billion on it-not $20 billion in 10 years, as President Johnson maintains. We have made more than 500 space launches, our astronauts have completed more than 1,300 man-orbits around the earth, we can now realistically assess the worth of manned space flight. Finally, Project Apollo's termination in 1969-1970 makes mandatory a sharp drop in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration budget.

August 19, 1967

Pot Britannica
12:00 AM

Brian Wenham: Mick Jagger's all-time high.

July 08, 1967

The Voice of ITT
12:00 AM

The Federal Communications Commission has, for the second time, approved the acquisition of the American Broadcasting Company by International Telephone & Telegraph.