June 26, 2015

Gay Couples Can Marry Now, But They Can Still Be Fired for Being Gay
4:02 PM

Here's the next big fight for the gay rights movement.

The LGBT Movement's Supreme Court Hero: Anthony Kennedy
2:50 PM

He once again took up his pen to write a majority opinion that expands gay rights.

It Is Accomplished
2:21 PM

Andrew Sullivan takes a well-deserved victory lap.

Gay Marriage and the GOP Sigh of Relief
2:14 PM

Many of the official Republican reactions to SCOTUS's marriage equality ruling have an unexpected undertone: relief.

Why Conservatives Should Praise God for the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision
1:12 PM

Ending the same-sex marriage debate is the biggest favor the Court has done for the American right in decades.

Not One Republican Candidate Has Praised the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision
11:50 AM

Look at these dinosaurs! Say hello to the wrong side of history.

The New Republic’s Campaign for Marriage Equality

Today's Supreme Court decision was a very, very long time coming.

Antonin Scalia Is the Supreme Court's Greatest Writer
9:48 AM

What makes the justice so politically reprehensible also makes him a great legal writer.