August 12, 2014

This Is How the Gaza War Will End
3:56 PM

There's no end in sight to this vicious cycle.

Hillary Clinton Has Made Her First Major Blunder of the 2016 Campaign
She'd better hope Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren weren't paying attention
2:57 PM

Hillary Clinton's criticism of Obama's foreign policy could jeopardize her 2016 chances.

How Congress Planned To Solve The 1970s Energy Crisis
Representative Mo Udall's ambitious strategy to wean the United States off fossil fuels by the year 2000
2:49 PM

Hindsight does wonders. Mo Udall, former pro-basketball player turned member of Congress, proposed an ambitious agenda to wean the United States off fossil fuels by the year 2000.

The Liberal Fear of Obama's Executive Action Is Irrational
1:39 PM

We're getting ourselves all worked up over a bunch of hypotheticals.

When Big Oil Was "The Great Vampire Squid" Wrapped Around America
Robert Engler's award-winning 1955 investigation into the oil industry
9:17 AM

Ralph Nader called Robert Engler "an early bell-ringer" in explaining the political influence of the oil lobby. Read Engler's 1955 award-winning investigation into the oil industry.

All Americans Should Have Access To Affordable Energy
Near the end of the Dust Bowl, The New Republic argued for the creation of a national energy policy
9:16 AM

From our archives: Morris L. Cooke's passionate argument to create a National Energy Policy during the 1930s.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Fight Over Who Owns The Sun
Documenting Santa Clara's 1975 plan to keep the sun a public resource
9:16 AM

In 1975, Santa Clara fought to make the sun a public resource. Did they succeed? 

The Frustrating Climate Change Memes That Just Won’t Die
8:00 AM

No matter how often conservatives are proven wrong, these myths return to keep us mired in the absurd debate over whether climate change is real. 

Robin Williams' Death Is a Wakeup Call for Mental Illness
7:39 AM

The mentally ill still lack the health-care coverage and treatment they need.

August 11, 2014

Is This the Obama Doctrine?
The president has set a very high bar for preventing genocide
8:00 PM

Is this the Obama Doctrine?