August 25, 2014

We're Stuck With the Global Warming "Hiatus" Myth for Years to Come
11:15 PM

And no amount of science can convince the deniers.

Scott Walker's Race for Governor Could Shape U.S. Politics for Years to Come
8:00 PM

Stop obsessing over the Senate. Wisconsin is the real battleground.

ISIS's New Mag Looks Like a New York Glossy—With Pictures of Mutilated Bodies
4:37 PM

The Islamic State is getting into the publishing business.

The Hague Treats War Criminals More Humanely Than Gitmo Treats Its Detainees

How does life these two detention centers compare? Unfavorably for the U.S.

VIDEO: Pro-Russian Separatists Egg POWs in the Streets of Donetsk
Reminder: It’s a war crime to humiliate prisoners of war
9:50 AM

Reminder: It’s a war crime to humiliate prisoners of war.

Why Free Birth Control Is a Big Deal
The latest news on Hobby Lobby and Obamacare's controversial mandate
8:53 AM

Conservatives want to know why it's such a big deal that Obamacare pay for contraception. Maybe they should ask a woman.

The Account of How We Nearly Caught Osama bin Laden in 2001
12:00 AM

We nearly captured Osama bin Laden just three months after the September 11 attacks.

Rick Perry 2016 Will Be Even More Disastrous Than Rick Perry 2012
12:00 AM

The Texas governor is already putting his foot in his mouth again.