November 20, 2014

Welcome to America!
Obama just protected four million immigrants from deportation
5:58 PM

Obama just protected four million immigrants from deportation.

The Government Overstated Obamacare Enrollment by 400,000 People. That's Inexcusable.
4:24 PM

Critics say it was dishonesty. I'm betting incompetenece. No, that's not much better.

Why Do Immigrant Children Struggle More Than Their Parents Did?

The more time immigrant children spend in America, the worse off they are.

Women Who Lean In Are More Depressed Than Those Who Don't
12:42 PM

Greater authority may be connected to greater unhappiness among professional women. 

Obama's Immigration Order Will Be Legal. But Will the Public Like It?
8:14 AM

Polls suggest voters are skeptical of executive action, but they're tired gridlock—and like the substance of what Obama is likely to do

November 19, 2014

We Only Have One Remaining Bigotry: We Don't Want to Be Around Anybody Who Disagrees With Us
10:45 PM

The former president on immigration, healthcare, and identity politics.