June 11, 2015

How Much More Money Would You Make If You Were Unionized?

You could be missing out on millions of dollars in lifetime earnings.

Senator James Inhofe on Climate Change: "God Is Still Up There"
10:42 AM

The top Republican on the environment gave the keynote at a climate-denier conference in D.C.

Professors Do Live in Fear—But Not of Liberal Students
10:08 AM

The real threat to job security comes from above, not below.

June 10, 2015

To Win Black Voters, Hillary Clinton Can't Rely Upon Hope and Change
6:06 PM

It will take specifics to get Obama's most loyal constituency on board.

House Republicans' Safety Plan for Amtrak: Videotape the Next Derailment Rather Than Prevent It
1:37 PM

The bill will add cameras inside the trains, but it won't fund a speed-control system. Does that make any sense?

Bernie Sanders Was Just Another Hippie Rummaging Through My Mom’s Fridge

What the presidential candidate was like in 1970s Vermont.

Rand Paul to Baltimore: Racism Isn't the Problem. Taxes Are.
7:56 AM

This is what he learned from his soul-searching?

White Fear Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
7:55 AM

The adults who told kids at a Texas pool party that they don’t belong are as much of the problem as the cop who assaulted them.

June 09, 2015

Joni Ernst Is Wrong About the Issues Most Important to Female Voters
5:30 PM

Abortion and health care are "women's issues." National defense is not.