November 17, 2014

You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong, You’re Definitely Wrong, and I’m Probably Wrong, Too
What it was like to edit The New Republic at its most contentious

What it was like to edit The New Republic at its most contentious.

That Silence You Hear Is the Sound of Healthcare.gov Working Just Fine
7:18 PM

I'm having fun with small denominators. But, really, things are working much better this time around.

This Mesmerizing NASA Video Shows How Carbon Pollution Spreads Across the Planet
5:57 PM

It will make you very, very afraid for Earth and her inhabitants.

Don't Get Your Hopes Up for Corporate Tax Reform
4:47 PM

Never underestimate the power of special interests.

History Shows That Hillary Clinton Is Unlikely to Win in 2016
3:47 PM

American voters love to kick the ruling party out of the White House.

Al Qaeda's Alliance with ISIS Exposes the U.S.'s Strategic Myopia

Syria's moderates might be suffering from American support.

"Grubergate" Is Giving the Supreme Court Cover to Destroy Obamacare
12:54 PM

It's all about helping the conservative justices avoid a backlash.