February 16, 2014

Want to Realize the Civil Rights Act's Dream? Apply it to Union Rights, Too.

Just as it became unacceptable to fire some due to race, it became OK to boot them for organizing a union. Let's change that.

One in Five Obamacare Applicants Didn't Pay a Premium—Should We Care?
10:30 AM

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) last week issued its latest update on Obamacare enrollment, revealing that 3.3 million people had used the new on line marketplaces to select new insurance plans.

The Shoah and the Art Market
9:37 AM

After the recovery of missing Holocaust art from Munich, the papers have been full of breathless stories about the art's value. Is somebody missing the point?

February 14, 2014

The War on Bread
8:00 PM

On June 16, 2012, a collection of videos from Syria were posted to YouTube. In them, a shaky cell phone camera pans across the inside of a bakery in Farhaniyeh, a village in the province of Homs.

My Soviet Valentine
3:25 PM

In honor of Valentine's Day 1958, pseudonymous author Sagittarius took a light-hearted look at ongoing diplomatic talks between the United States and Soviet Union on the subject of nuclear weapons tests.

The Silicon Valley Labor Scandals Prove Minimum Wage Hikes Don't Cost Jobs
11:02 AM

What we can learn from Apple, Google, and Pixar's attempts to keep wages low.

Turns Out, Evgeni Plushenko is Well Enough To Go On Skating Tour
10:25 AM

Even though yesterday he feared paralysis if he skated...

February 13, 2014

Dosvedanie to All That

8:00 PM

Before he headed to Moscow in January 2012 as Barack Obama’s new ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul was itching to get out of government. He had dreams of moving back to Palo Alto. The weather’s nice, his family missed the place.

Obamacare Critics Still Tell Just One Side of the Jobs Story
4:58 PM

Economists are supposed to be more nuanced than politicians. Casey Mulligan, new hero to the anti-Obamacare right, hasn't been.

Coming Soon: The United States of Comcast
2:59 PM

In George Orwell’s 1984, the world is divided into three totalitarian superstates, but in the world of broadband and cable television only a single company may soon reign supreme.