April 10, 2013

Breaking Up Isn't So Hard to Do
Why Harry Reid and the NRA parted ways
12:00 AM

Why Harry Reid and the NRA parted ways.

The 'Emerging Democratic Majority' Isn't Assured—Unless the GOP Refuses to Change
12:00 AM

The future of the GOP has been up for debate since its defeat in last November’s elections, and for the most part the question has been not if, but how Republicans should change.

Moneyball for Judges
The statistics of judicial behavior
12:00 AM

How can we learn how political judges' decisions are? By looking at the statistics.

April 09, 2013

Bob McDonnell's Big Fat Dietary-Supplement Wedding
The governor can kiss his 2016 hopes goodbye
4:31 PM

The governor can kiss his 2016 hopes goodbye.

Dear Senators, Stop Listening to Your NRA Constituents
12:00 AM

And start listening to the silent majority.

April 08, 2013

Why Paternalism Is Your Friend
12:00 AM

Various forms of paternalism are all around you, and at least some of them aren’t so bad.

April 05, 2013

President Obama's Jobs Wake-Up Call
The latest report should have him panicked
4:07 PM

The latest report should have him panicked.

Obama's Shocking Budget Is Not Shocking at All
10:50 AM

Nonetheless, does it stand a chance?

A Democratic Landslide in 2014? Unlikely
But don't blame gerrymandering
12:00 AM

When House Democrats failed to win a majority last November, despite winning the popular vote, many people recognized how difficult it would be to realize President Obama’s dream of retaking Congress in 2014. Just how difficult, though?

Field of Dreams
Hillary Clinton Would Not 'Clear the Field' for 2016
12:00 AM

Hillary Clinton would not 'clear the field' for 2016.