March 06, 2014

Texas Republicans Keep Moving Right
8:00 PM

Dewhurst loses, Abbott wins, and the Texas GOP keeps moving right.

Trapped in a Devastating Drought, California Needs to Take on Some Surprising Sacred Cows
8:00 PM

The state's water situation is life-changing. Here's the behavior that needs to be altered.  

The Loneliest Man in the Room
4:23 PM


Let's Not Kid Ourselves: These Are Russian Soldiers in Ukraine (Video)
2:19 PM

Not that we believed Putin anyway. But now we have proof he's lying.

On Our Cover: The Age of Revolution

A peek at our new issue and what's inside. 

Conservatives Score a Big Win in their Long War Against the Civil Rights Division
11:56 AM

Senators claimed it was about Mumia Abu-Jamal, but the GOP has a shameful, decades-long record of blocking Civil Rights Division nominees

Republicans Are Playing Politics While Ukraine Faces Default
10:37 AM

The GOP is blocking legislation that would help Ukraine avoid a default.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 6
10:16 AM

Crimea will vote on whether to become part of Russia, while the U.S. steps up sanctions.

Claire McCaskill Defends Her Controversial Stance on Military Sexual Assault

Senator Claire McCaskill on the gender politics of squaring off against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, her days as a sex crimes prosecutor, and why she believes her bill will work.

The Latest Obamacare Delay and What It Means
8:08 AM

Sometimes good things happen for bad reasons