October 23, 2013

A Chart That Will Help Dispel Your Obamacare Hysteria
10:25 AM

The Obamacare online saga may be reaching the phase where media and political hysteria is out of proportion to the actual problem. A case in point is the controversy over enrollment numbers.

October 22, 2013

Here's Who Obama Should Hire to Fix the Obamacare Site: Mitt Romney
(The old Mitt Romney, that is.)

In an alternative universe—the one where the GOP hadn't gone totally nuts—it would be an easy choice.

The Media Can't Stop Sucking Up to Alan Greenspan
Instead of treating him like a wise man, make him pay J.P. Morgan's fine
6:12 PM

Alan Greenspan should be apologizing to the country. Instead, he's back without regrets—and the star-struck media lets him get away with it.

Check Out the Neocons' Dick Cheney Tribute Video
Because you always wanted to see him photoshopped alongside Andy Warhol
4:17 PM

On Monday, Commentary editor John Podhoretz released the eight-minute tribute/parody video to Dick Cheney, which the magazine showed earlier this month at an honorary roast of the former vice president.

Obamacare Gets a Bright Spot in a Very Bad Week
4:10 PM

In the spring of 2012, while reporting a piece on the political landscape in Ohio, I spent several hours on two successive afternoons tagging along with canvassers from Working America, the AFL-CIO affiliate that tries to mobilize people who don’t ha

Do the Clintons Love Their Donors, or Their Donors' Money?
4:05 PM

The New York Times, which apparently believes rich people do not have a loud enough voice in American society, decided on Tuesday to devote a front-page story to the different ways in which politicians court them.

One Washington Lobbyist's "Secret" Mission: To Empower a Dictator
1:50 PM

In a big piece for The Washington Post, Paul Farhi has done his best to profile D.C. super-lawyer Lanny Davis.

Maya Angelou and Judy Blume Are Wrong About Childhood Reading

This morning, over 120 children’s book authors and illustrators sent a letter to President Barack Obama expressing concern for “our readers,” a.k.a. tots through tweens.

Obamacare Has Had a Brutal Few Days, But It's the Next Few Weeks That Count
12:49 PM

President Obama’s Rose Garden speech Monday was supposed to send two messages—one, that he is determined to fix Obamacare’s troubled federal websites and, two, that the law is already helping many people get insurance.

Why It's So Hard For Democrats to Retake the House
11:40 AM

If there’s anything I could get people to understand about the next election, it’s this: Even a 2006 or 2010-esque tsunami might not give Democrats control of the House.That might seem shocking.