June 12, 2012

It's Time for Mark Regnerus to Get Collectively Dumped
12:00 AM

It’s a real relief to see the takedowns pile up in response to Mark Regnerus’s ill-conceived new study, “How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study,” which purports to challenge the claim that there are few differences between children raised in same-sex and heterosexual households.

When It’s OK to Lie
12:00 AM

Mitt Romney is not the most honest man in politics, but he may be among the smartest. Kevin Drum explains:  Blatant lying has always been routine in local races that don’t get a lot of press coverage, but the brighter media spotlight kept at least a bit of a lid on it in higher profile races. However, with the splintering of the mainstream national media in recent years and the rise of the web and social media, national politics is local again.

Yes, That Gay Parenting Study Was Bogus: A Reply to Maggie Gallagher
12:00 AM

Yesterday on The Plank, I argued that Mark Regnerus’s NFSS study is not a scientific study of same-sex parenting at all, as it claims to be, because it counts a bizarrely wide range of people as “Lesbian Mothers” and “Gay Fathers.” Over at the National Review, Maggie Gallagher responded incredulously. “Professor Corvino is just plain wrong,” she wrote. “Not a single one of these examples would be included in the lesbian mother or father category in Professor Regnerus’s new study.” Not a single one? Really? Let’s look at my examples.

Romney's Virginia Problem
12:00 AM

As I explained yesterday, Obama’s losses among less educated white voters are serious. But remember: those losses are likely to vary state by state. White voters without a college degree in Portland shouldn’t be counted on to swing like those in Pensacola.

Newsflash: None of the Recent 'Game-Changers' Have Changed the Polling
12:00 AM

Since Romney secured the nomination in mid-April, the horse race has been rattled by supposed game-changers, ranging from Obama’s decision to endorse gay marriage to terrible new jobs numbers. Political pundits engrossed in the twists and turns of the campaign agree that events and poor messaging have conspired to reduce Obama’s chances.

June 11, 2012

Even Moderate Conservatives Have Given Up on the Idea of Public Goods?
12:00 AM

We live in disordered political times, when visceral antipathy to Barack Obama’s agenda drives even reasonable conservatives to say things they should know are not true. The reaction to the president’s unfortunate remark about the condition of the private sector is a perfect example. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana said this: “He [Obama] does not understand where wealth and jobs come from. It comes from a successful private sector or not at all … Government does not create wealth or income.

Honest Marion Barry
12:00 AM

In 1967 the Mamas and the Papas recorded a song called "Creeque Alley" that included the refrain, "And no one's gettin' fat except Mama Cass," a rude but accurate reference to the band's caftan-wearing star, Cass Elliot. The line is repeated three times, but on the fourth go-round it's changed to "And everyone's gettin' fat except Mama Cass." Which comes as a humorous surprise because in fact all the other band members were quite svelte. (According to one plausible reading, "gettin' fat" actually referred to the rising and falling financial success of individual members of the band.

Are Gay Parents Really Worse For Children? How a New Study Gets Everything Wrong
12:00 AM

Question: What do the following all have in common? A heterosexually married female prostitute who on rare occasion services women A long-term gay couple who adopt special-needs children A never-married straight male prison inmate who sometimes seeks sexual release with other male inmates A woman who comes out of the closet, divorces her husband, and has a same-sex relationship at age 55, after her children are grown Ted Haggard, the disgraced evangelical pastor who was caught having drug fueled-trysts with a male prostitute over a period of several years A lesbian who conceives via

The Grilling Congress Should Give Jamie Dimon
12:00 AM

When Jamie Dimon testifies in the Senate on Wednesday about JP Morgan’s $3 billion trading loss, the focus will almost certainly be on the speculative aspect of the trade. After all, the financial reform bill Congress passed in 2010—specifically, the provision known as the Volcker Rule—was supposed to stop banks from making risky bets with their own money, at least if they benefit from government support.

Obama’s Problem With White, Non-College Educated Voters is Getting Worse
12:00 AM

One demographic has plagued Obama since his primary duel with Hillary Clinton: white voters without a college degree. Although Obama ultimately won enough white non-college voters to win the presidency in 2008, his performance was underwhelming by historic standards. And over the last four years, Obama’s already tepid support among white voters without a college degree has collapsed. At the same time, the “newer” elements of the Democratic coalition—college educated and non-white voters—have continued to offer elevated levels of support to the president.