January 27, 2014

The Political State of the Union Is Not Good
11:20 PM

Obama and the Democrats are in deep trouble.

17 Charts About Economic Inequality Obama Should Read Before The State of The Union
11:06 PM

Income inequality is at its highest since 1928. What does this mean for the State of the Union?

Ignoring Fox News' Racism is Good for Democrats but Bad for the Country
9:00 PM

Sure, it's good for the Democrats to let Fox delude Republicans into thinking they're winning. Ignoring racial claptrap isn't so good for the country, though.

"Full Employment": The Two Words Obama Needs to Say Tonight
8:00 PM

Presidents used to promise full employment. A generation ago, they abruptly stopped. Bringing back the term could change our politics.

Meet the GOP's Supermom

Why the GOP chose Cathy McMorris Rodgers to give the State of the Union response.

Bill de Blasio Should Just Admit It: He Wants to Tax the Rich
5:32 PM

Bill de Blasio wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for public education. He should say why else he wants it.

Obama Doesn't Always Say What He Means
1:53 PM

Translations of the worst State of the Union clichés.

Obamacare, Debt Ceiling—Yup, Here We Go Again
12:03 AM

Republicans continue to insist the Affordable Care Act is an insurance company "bailout." It's not—and here's one more reason why.

January 26, 2014

Clintonland: Just Like High School
8:00 PM

"You slave away for people hoping that they love you back and yet...you are actually still scared of them."

Herblock Was a Fine Political Cartoonist. Liberals Don't Need to Deify Him.
8:00 PM

Herbert Block spent his long life practicing the vicious art of visual mockery.