August 20, 2013

Democrats Should Be Open to the Newest State Secessionist Movement
6:00 AM

One of the weird things about the “blue states” is that some are mainly red. I’m from Washington State, where the populous and liberal Seattle metropolitan area dominates state politics.

August 19, 2013

Hillary Clinton in 2016: The Actuarial Odds
11:29 AM

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are unprecedented. She holds more than 60 percent of the Democratic primary vote, a figure usually reserved for popular sitting vice presidents—even though these polls pit her against a sitting vice president.

August 16, 2013

Three Stories That Prove the GOP Is Screwed for Years to Come
11:56 AM

We are in the doggiest of the dog days of summer. Congress is currently in the sleep spindles stage of a five-week nap that the public doesn't think it deserves.

August 15, 2013

'Its Name Is Fascism'
The supporters of Egypt's military aren't liberals
4:53 PM

Cairo is no longer the capital of Arab hope. It is now the capital of Arab despair.

From the Stacks: “Midnight’s Children”
May 23, 1981

Salman Rushdie's legendary novel Midnight's Children was set on this very day—an opportune time to republish The New Republic's 1981 review of the book.

August 14, 2013

This State Is Democrats' Best Chance to Pick Up a Senate Seat
7:01 PM

Democrats are in danger of getting disappointed in Kentucky, where early poll numbers belie McConnell's big advantages. If people are really buying Wendy Davis and a "blue Texas," Democrats might be doubly disappointed.

Christine Quinn Has the Same Problem That Hillary Clinton Had in 2008
12:29 PM

Here’s a fun game that helps us understand what’s at work in the topsy-turvy New York City mayor’s race, where Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has surged to the lead in a new poll, ahead of the establishment favorite for the Democratic nomination, Cit

From the Stacks: “Mr. Hearst's Apostolic Creed”
May 8, 1935
10:27 AM

The founding father of yellow journalism, William Randolph Hearst, died 62 years ago today. For the occasion, we present this Hamilton Basso's tongue-in-cheek evaluation of all that is Hearst.

August 13, 2013

Cory Booker Is Even Worse Than His Critics Say
10:53 PM

Cory Booker has just won New Jersey’s Democratic Senate primary in a rout, making him an easy favorite to claim the seat this fall.

New Yorkers Have Fallen in Love With a Mayoral Candidate
4:27 PM

A couple months ago, as it dawned on New Yorkers that the mayoral campaign was not just background noise but actually worth paying attention to, my friends and I became more aware of the contours of the Democratic race.