September 17, 2012

Mock on, Maureen Dowd: Why She’s Right About the Neo-cons
12:00 AM

In the twilight years of the New Left, revolutionaries would regularly parse their adversaries’ statements for indications of “objective racism.” Even the slightest irregularity—calling someone’s thoughts “dark”—could unleash a volley of accusations.

Romney’s Big Problem Isn’t His Chief Strategist
12:00 AM

Any reporter who’s covered Mitt Romney this election season knows there are people in his campaign—and legions more in the GOP professional class—who don’t like Stuart Stevens, his chief strategist. Thanks to pieces yesterday in Politico and The New York Times, we’ve learned something new: These people really don’t like Stuart Stevens.  The basic knock on Stevens to this point has been that the campaign has lacked imagination or ambition: There’s been nothing remotely innovative about any policy it’s proposed or any message it’s field-tested.

Russia’s Wild Fantasies of an All-Powerful State Department
12:00 AM

When journalist Arkady Mamontov aired his television exposé on Pussy Riot last week, the central question was who was behind their riotous performance? Mamontov’s investigation yielded two culprits: oligarch-in-exile Boris Berezovsky, and “some Americans” who hired Pussy Riot and choreographed their act in order to corrupt the souls of Russian youth. Mamontov didn’t need to spell out who those Americans were; everyone watching got the message anyway.

Even Scientists Dream of Time Travel
12:00 AM

Time moves forward and fixes your body into place. An embryo divides; one cell becomes many. These cells divide again; a brain, arms, and fingernails are formed. You’re born; you grow; you look and behave in ways that scream you. How does this happen? Your genes tell your body what to do, using proteins as instructions. But what tells your genes what to do? Among other things, your epigenes do. These are biochemical tags that switch your DNA’s protein-making ability on and off without changing the DNA itself.

Bibi and Barack: A History in Snubs
12:00 AM

When the media reported last week that President Obama had turned down a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu—which was followed, according to the New York Times, by a reverse-snub when Bibi insisted that he hadn’t also been denied a meeting in Washington, because he never even wanted one in the first place—it was only the latest uncomfortable chapter in the two leaders’ cringing pseudo-courtship. For four years, their encounters have been playing out with all the grace of a star-crossed, seventh-grade romance.

September 14, 2012

Why Democrats Need a Woman on the National Ticket
12:00 AM

Looking back on last week’s convention, Democrats have every right to congratulate themselves on a job well done. The party clearly communicated a consistent set of themes while also showcasing its rich diversity. And chief among the messages was that the Democratic party is better for women, with a cast of women to make the case, including Michelle Obama. Clearly, if the President wins, his support among women will be a decisive factor.

The Blunt Weapon of Russian Law is Turned Against One of its Makers
12:00 AM

Today, the Russian parliament voted 291 to 150 to strip one Gennady Gudkov of his seat. Gudkov, a former KGB man and businessman, has served in the Duma, the Russian parliament, for eleven years, most of them in the leftist Just Russia party.

Mitt Romney’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign
12:00 AM

During the past two weeks, the dynamic of the 2012 presidential election has shifted, and President Obama has moved out to a modest but significant lead against Mitt Romney. No developments in the economy or the world can explain this shift. That leaves the campaigns themselves.

Four Good Reasons for Romney’s Bad Press
12:00 AM

There’s a simple reason Romney is getting so much negative press these days: He deserves it.

Josh Mandel Wants to be a Senator. If Only He Could Get His In-laws to Donate.
12:00 AM

A member of one of America's richest dynasties is running for Senate. And the family is funding his opponent.