November 30, 2013

This Man Made a Gun with Stuff You Can Buy at the Airport
8:00 PM

This piece originally appeared on newstatesman.com. The worst thing about going through airport security and having, say, your sweet, sweet honey confiscated, is that you can probably buy a replacement from at least one of the shops in the area betwe

We Can't Just Play Defense on Voting Access. It's Time to Make Voting Easier.
6:30 PM

There could be a revolution in voting access that makes elections smarter, cheaper, and more inclusive. If we demand it.

It's Easier than Ever to Charge Someone with Piracy
It's Not Just Vladimir Putin: Governments Around the World Are Making it Easier to Jail Someone as a Pirate
6:00 PM

It's not just Vladimir Putin who's arresting activists for piracy. In international law, the term has changed meanings.

November 29, 2013

Do American Jews Live in a Cocoon?
Peter Beinart thinks so. He's wrong.
8:00 PM

News of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s late September speech before Jewish leaders in New York got me thinking about Peter Beinart’s latest piece from earlier that month in the New York Review of Books about American Jews and Israel.

November 28, 2013

Tom Corbett Went From Establishment Republican to Tea Party Ally. Bad Move.
Explaining Pennsylvania's unpopular governor

Sorry, Tom Corbett: Purple Pennsylvanians have little taste for truly conservative governance. 

Now's Not the Time for Liberals to Say "I Told You So" About Obamacare

It has been a rough two months for the Affordable Care Act and its defenders. Having spent years fighting ridiculous allegations about socialized medicine and "death panels," supporters of near-universal coverage now face something different.

The World Has Barely Noticed This Huge Political Development in Gaza
Hamas may be turning away from violence
8:00 PM

Hamas may be turning away from violence. 

Thanksgiving with Obamacare: Turkey, Stuffing, and a Website Delay
10:16 AM

It’s Thanksgiving so, naturally, there is news about healthcare.gov. The news is about Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchange.

What to Read Over Thanksgiving Weekend
12:00 AM

With the long Holiday weekend ahead of us, here is a collection of links.

November 27, 2013

Obama and Sebelius Still Can’t Decide Whether Healthcare.gov Is Ready
8:00 PM

The only question is when the administration will decide to toss her.