February 12, 2014

What Mammograms Cost Us: The Good and the Bad, in Seven Facts

A few facts and figures about the mammogram industry's bottom line.

A Controversial New Study Says Mammograms Don't Save Lives. Should We Believe It?
2:04 PM

If the researchers are right, screening all women starting at 40 yields a lot of false diagnoses—without any clear benefit.

February 11, 2014

George Will, Tea Party Tory
8:00 PM

America's most famous bow-tied conservative has found his wild side. 

Why Do Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Support Kirsten Gillibrand’s Sexual Assault Bill?

Right-leaning mavericks Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have been among the Kirsten Gillibrand's most outspoken allies. What gives?

'The Lego Movie' Isn't Just Anti-Capitalist. It's Anti-Fox, Too.
4:56 PM

Fox Business is right to be scared of this provocative children's movie.

Now That Boehner Has Backed Down, Let's Fix The Debt Ceiling For Good
2:28 PM

Debt brinkmanship has no place in democratic politics. This simple and reasonable legislation would end it.

The Civil Rights Act Was Not As Important As You Think
1:12 PM

It was the battles that came after it that really defined its impact.

Two Russian Women on a Sochi Train
12:19 PM

I've learned long ago that some of the most interesting stuff happens on trains. Right now, I'm on one of the free commuter trains linking downtown Sochi to the Olympic Village and Krasnaya Polyana up in the mountains.

Petty Corruption Has Killed the Great Russian Athletic Machine
10:53 AM

Why is the Russian winter sports machine in sixth place? Because most money for sports in Russia comes from the government—which spends it on fancy hotels, not athletic training. 

Horror Story III: The Elevators of Sochi
9:15 AM

Poor Johnny Quinn. The American bobsledder came to Sochi to bobsled.