November 02, 2013

The Young Egyptians Who Launched the Arab Spring Are Quitting Politics Altogether
8:00 PM

The uprisings now sometimes collectively called “The Arab Spring” seemed at first like stories about the political and economic empowerment of young people.

November 01, 2013

The Improbable Story Behind America's Fracking Billionaires
8:00 PM

Who could be more American than an oil baron?

Germany Now Lets Parents Check "No Gender" on a Baby's Birth Certificate
8:00 PM

Such legal acknowledgement of the existence of intersex conditions, which have been known about for all recorded history, comes surprisingly late. Germany is the first country in Europe, and only the second in the world after Australia, to pass such a law.

October 31, 2013

The Amazon Guide to Tax-Dodging
And what to do when government catches up
8:00 PM

And what to do when government catches up.

Hillary Clinton's Plan to Prevent a Left-Wing Challenger
6:51 PM

Hillary Clinton is a bigger favorite to be the next president than any non-incumbent in history at a comparable time in the election cycle.

Americans Support Blackface, Divided on Dressing Up As Stereotypes
6:14 PM

What do Americans think about dressing in blackface or as a racial stereotype for halloween?

Obamacare's Winners and Losers, in One Chart
3:57 PM

President Obama on Friday acknowledged that some people are losing their current health plans because those plans don't live up to the Obamacare's standards for benefits and pricing.

How the Red Solo Cup Became a Political Football
3:54 PM

Solo cups are usually the domain of college kids at keg parties, but they’ve been in the news lately thanks to a very different demographic: politicians.

The End of the Rainbow
From 1993: America's Changing Urban Politics
3:16 PM

Big cities are turning against Bloomberg-style mayors. This 1993 TNR piece explains why we first turned to them.