October 09, 2012

The Backscratcher: Bob Woodward’s Anti-Obama Bias
12:00 AM

The problem with Woodward's latest isn't its tediousness, it's the unabashed bias against President Obama.

Romney Leads Nationally—Just Not in Battleground States
12:00 AM

The battleground state numbers do not show as much movement in Romney's direction as Boston would have hoped.

Potentially Ominous Sign For Romney In Today’s Gallup Numbers
12:00 AM

There’s a chance that Romney’s impressive bounce might prove short-lived.

Romney's Gain Among Likely Voters In Gallup Is Not Unusual
12:00 AM

Four years ago today, Gallup found McCain outperforming among likely voters by 6 points.

October 08, 2012

A Little Late for a Pivot, Isn’t It?
12:00 AM

Romney wants voters to believe he's a moderate. It's a little late for that.

Six More Years of Disappointment for Venezuelan Expats
12:00 AM

VANCOUVER—The line was 30 deep before 6 a.m. at the Venezuelan consulate in downtown Vancouver, the only location in western Canada for ex-pats to vote in their presidential election Sunday. By noon more than 600 Venezuelans had stood in the short hallway, marked the labyrinthine bingo-card-like ballot and dipped a pinky tip in a well of blue ink on a wooden stool.

Was O’Reilly vs. Stewart Less Funny Than Romney vs. Obama?
12:00 AM

The problem with entertainers who fashion themselves as political figures.

This is How Obama Should Confront Romney Over His Tax Policy Evasions
12:00 AM

What Barack Obama could learn from Jerry Maguire.

Is Romney’s Bounce Receding Or Growing?
12:00 AM

Today's polls hinted at a return to post-debate norms.