October 21, 2013

Courts Can Influence National Security Without Doing a Single Thing
12:05 PM

One of the most persistent fights in the national security arena since the September 11 attacks has been about the proper allocation of power between two branches of government: the Executive and the courts.

Michael Bloomberg Just Won More Money Than You'll Make in a Decade
11:06 AM

What do you get for the man who has everything? A little more of it, apparently.

Instead of a Grand Bargain, How About a Little Bargain?
12:07 AM

New bipartisan negotiations over fiscal policy are underway, as a result of the deal that ended the government shutdown. But don’t expect these negotiations to produce a “grand bargain” in which Democrats and Republicans each make major concessions.

October 20, 2013

California Shows the Country How to Overcome GOP Dead-Enders
9:45 PM

California works again—and so could the nation if we follow its example

On the Ground With Syria's News Smugglers
They go where professional journalists won't
8:00 PM

Covering the war in Syria is too dangerous for professional journalists. That's where these guys come in. A dispatch from the makeshift media capital of the Middle East.

There's a New Political Story Line—and it's Good for Republicans
Better to be two warring tribes than a single reviled one.
6:00 PM

The GOP used to be viewed as a right-wing monolith. Now it's thought of as a party split between radicals and non-radicals. This is actually good news for Republicans.

October 18, 2013

A British Woman Spent Three Days in a U.S. Hospital. Here's What She Learned About Obamacare.

For a foreigner who wants to learn how the US works--or doesn't--there's nothing trying to navigate the American medical system.  

You Thought the Government Shutdown Was Over. You Were Wrong.
5:23 PM

It was an awful time. Federal employees had to take unpaid furlough days. Beneficiaries were thrown off of federal programs. Courthouses had to be sold.

When Lee Atwater and a Newt Gingrich Aide Tried to Gay-Bait Tom Foley

Former House Speaker Tom Foley died today at age 84. Foley led the House of Representatives between 1989 and the Republican revolution of 1994.

The FISA Court Is Tougher Than the Media Says
4:52 PM

Now we know: the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court bounces a quarter of the government’s applications for surveillance orders.