February 26, 2013

The Sequester's Dumbest Cut
Childhood vaccinations don't just save lives; they save money too
4:34 PM

Of all the sequestration pink slips about to be handed down from Washington, the one for programs to vaccinate children seems particularly shortsighted.

David Brooks Has a Health Care Idea!
The conservative reform that wouldn't screw the poor
4:13 PM

The conservative Medicare reform that wouldn't screw the poor.

Americans Are Asleep on the Sequester. The GOP Better Hope They Don't Wake Up.
2:11 PM

Polls show that most Americans aren't paying attention to this sequester stuff, and that's exactly how Republicans like it.

Gun Shy
Wayne LaPierre’s surprisingly delicate psyche
12:00 AM

Funny thing about the NRA's Wayne LaPierre: He doesn't much like guns. Or people. Here’s why the gun lobby doesn’t care about finding a more cuddly spokesperson.

February 25, 2013

The Sequester Is Inevitable. Prepare to Suffer.
Historically low discretionary spending will drop even further
3:11 PM

The automatic spending cuts don't kick in until Friday, but they may already be slowing down the economy.

"Serious About Dancing"
In honor of David Gregory's new NBC contract, take our quiz
1:54 PM

David Gregory gets a big new contract; how well do you know his greatest hits?

The Lindbergh-Baby Economy
The sequester wasn't some sneaky Obama ruse. It was ransom.
12:00 AM

The sequester was a ransom payment to keep Republicans from wrecking the economy. But now they're blaming Obama for it.

The Race to Replace Jesse Jr.
The election is all about guns. Except when it's not.
12:00 AM

The election is all about guns. Except when it's not.

February 24, 2013

The Future Mr. Speaker
Chris Van Hollen has the talent to run the House. If he ever gets his chance.
12:00 AM

Chris Van Hollen is talented enough to run the House. Will he ever get the chance?

February 22, 2013

Obama's Not-So-Secret Medicare Plan
Republicans could learn a lot by visiting the White House website
3:12 PM

I have a big scoop, straight from an extremely reliable White House source: The Obama Administration has endorsed means-testing of Medicare.