November 06, 2013

America: Celebrities Can Make a Real-World Difference, But Few Do (Chart)
1:12 PM

Angelina Jolie tops a poll about the most effective celebrities-turned-advocates.

The Pundits Are Wrong. The Virginia Election Was a Big Win for Obamacare.
10:53 AM

What political pundits ignore: McAuliffe wants to expand Medicaid, which means 400,000 more people will get health insurance there under Obamacare. 

Did Becoming the Favorite Change Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio?
8:36 AM

New York City Mayor-elect (and still Public Advocate) Bill de Blasio had a victory party Tuesday night that, like his victory party nearly two months ago at the end of the Democratic primary, fit its campaign.

McAuliffe's Victory Doesn't Mean a 2014 Landslide for Democrats
1:18 AM

Ken Cuccinelli was justifiably written off as dead: Thirty-eight consecutive surveys showed McAuliffe ahead, ultimately by about 7.2 point in the final HuffPost Model Estimate.

November 05, 2013

It Sure Sounds Like John Boehner Just Said He Opposes All Anti-Discrimination Laws
4:42 PM

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will likely pass the Senate after it won a procedural vote Monday. The bill would “ban sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination in most workplaces,” as BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner puts it.

McAuliffe Strong In Early Voting
3:51 PM

The polls are still open in Virginia, but early voting turnout data suggests that Terry McAuliffe is doing substantially better than the Democratic ticket four years ago.The number of early votes in counties that voted for President Obama increased b

The NRA Lost a Big One in Virginia
Terry McAuliffe got an 'F' from the gun lobby—and never hid from it
3:42 PM

When a con-control pol goes down, it's interpreted as an NRA triumph. But when a guy with an NRA F rating wins, why doesn't it register? 

This Texas Law Could Be the Supreme Court's Next Big Abortion Case

On Friday, about one-third of the abortion clinics in Texas started calling women to cancel long-standing appointments and turning away panicked, crying patients who showed up at the door.

Here Are All the Chefs the ‘Double Down’ Authors Thanked
9:24 AM

Double Down: Game Change 2012, out today, was the fruit of “more than five hundred full-length interviews with more than four hundred individuals,” according to authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, writing in the Authors’ Note.