February 10, 2014

Why the Tea Party Is Folding on the Debt Limit
11:59 PM

The shutdown didn't break the Tea Party's fever. But it did stamp out some of its most dangerous delusions. 

Administration Delays an Obamacare Requirement—for the Second Time
11:13 PM

It shouldn't affect policy a whole lot. But maybe 

Russian Olympian Irina Rodnina Blames Racist Obama Tweet on a Hacker
4:07 PM

In September, Olympic torch ligher Irina Rodnina tweeted a doctored, racist photo of Obama and vocally defended it. Five months later, she's figured out a better explanation.

Al Qaeda's Innovative Middle Managers
3:33 PM

Editor’s Note:  Terrorist groups typically rely on tried and true tactics such as shootings, bombings, and of course suicide attacks.

Obama's Partly to Blame for the Postal Service's Backward Ways
2:15 PM

Why hasn't he filled the vacanies on the agency's board?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Olympic Opening Ceremony
1:12 PM

A Russian singer accused the Opening Ceremonies of using her song without permission. Their response shows the real essence of Russia.

Now Conservatives Are Complaining That Obamacare Doesn't Do Enough
12:58 PM

The health law's critics find a new way to twist the numbers.

Sure, Yulia Lipnitskaya Is an Amazing Skater, But She Is Also a Child
9:11 AM

Sure, she's amazing, but don't you think Yulia Lipnitskaya looked a little...pubescent out there?

February 09, 2014

Q&A: Barney Frank Lets Loose on Putin, Silicon Valley, and Obama Haters
11:00 PM

Plus: Why the tech industry's politics are just like those of an ethnic group

Calling the Republican Bluff on Immigration
9:07 PM

Republicans don't trust Obama to enforce new immigration laws? Fine, says Schumer—let's start the new program after Obama leaves office.