October 01, 2013

You Can't Sabotage Obamacare and Then Whine About Its Glitches
4:22 PM

For several years now, health care policy reporters have been diligently tracking the challenges that were emerging for the Obama administration as it set about implementing the Affordable Care Act.

Meet Charlie Dent, One of Two Moderately Sane House Republicans
4:20 PM

In the end, the great moderate Republican revolt to stop Tea Partiers from shuttering the government numbered just two members of the House.

The Last Government Shutdown Was Nothing Compared to 2013

It's been 17 years since the last government shutdown. Here's what The New Republic wrote after it ended in January, 1996: 

United Democrats Stand, Divided Republicans Fall
4:16 PM

A little while ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid arrived at an event on Capitol Hill and got a huge applause from some fellow Democrats. That probably doesn’t seem surprising. Reid has always been popular with members of his caucus.

Two Russians Walk Into a Parliamentary Crisis...
3:34 PM

This is what Yeltsin did to Russia's parliament when they were being stubborn. 

7 Rules for Presidents Dabbling in Pop Culture
2:32 PM

Whether it is Jimmy Carter watching more than four hundred movies in the White House cinema or Barack Obama telling people that the flamboyant killer Omar on HBO’s “The Wire” is his favorite character, presidents have long engaged with pop culture.

The Delhi Gang Rape Death Sentences Won't Make India Safer for Women
2:06 PM

The fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi last December caused global horror and outrage and forced India to step back and examine the ongoing war being waged against its women.

From the Stacks: A Mash Note to John Boehner

It's safe to say that John Boehner hasn't been having a good day.

The Top Story on Conservative Websites Is Not the Shutdown
12:18 PM

On Tuesday, for the first time in 17 years, the U.S.

A “S.E.A.-Change” in Military Contingency Planning
9:08 AM

Is America at risk from a counter-strike by Syria if it launched a military attack against Syria's chemical weapons? Yes – but not in the traditional way. A Syrian response would likely be of a different, asymmetric cyber form. And that’s a whole new way of thinking about war and contingencies.

For the past several weeks American leaders have been considering a military strike in Syria (a possibility that seems to have faded in recent days). Lurking behind the controversy and debate about whether that sort of strike would be good policy is a problem that must be driving military planners to distraction – America is no longer immune. Any decision to launch missiles at Syrian chemical weapons targets must incorporate an answer to the question – what will Syria do in response?