January 09, 2014

Four Questions That Chris Christie's Endless Press Conference Didn't Answer
2:58 PM

The grilling of the New Jersey governor has only begun.

Rubio Talks Poverty, Says Things That Are Not Totally Crazy
12:24 AM

Rubio's anti-poverty agenda has lots of problems. But at least he's engaging in the debate.

January 08, 2014

Q&A: How Worried Should We Be About Al-Qaeda Taking Over Fallujah?
11:59 PM

A top middle east expert on just how much sway we have left

How to Talk to a 'Brocialist'
8:00 PM

Meet the leftist man with a giant blind spot when it comes to women.

LBJ's Mistake Was Promising to "Win" the War on Poverty
4:10 PM

If you dismiss the War on Poverty simply because poverty is still high, then you’re not making a serious argument.

The Republican Reaction to the Polar Vortex Explains Why So Many Scientists Are Democrats
2:35 PM

When I walked to work Tuesday morning, it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest temperature I've experienced in the last two years living in Washington, D.C.

Chris Christie: More Like Nixon than Giuliani
1:28 PM

Chris Christie's 2016 prospects were always about personality, not ideology. That's why the new revelations about lane closures at the George Washington Bridge are so damaging.

Brian Schweitzer, Would-Be Liberal Hero, is an NRA Darling
11:24 AM

He wants to run against Hillary from the left. His gun and environment records will make that tough.

January 07, 2014

The War on Poverty Turns 50: Three Lessons for Liberals Today
8:00 PM

Fifty years ago Wednesday, Lyndon B. Johnson announced a War on Poverty in his first State of the Union address. "It will not be a short or easy struggle; no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until that war is won.