November 29, 2012

We'll Always Have Denver
12:00 AM

Romney's chief strategist tries to argue that the Romney campaign was about something. Nice try.

Al Qaeda’s Not as Battered as Obama Thinks
12:00 AM

Is the terror group dead or alive? It's complicated.

Jay Rockefeller’s in Big Trouble in West Virginia—and So Are the Dems
12:00 AM

It may be a long time before West Virginia votes to send another Democrat to Washington.

November 28, 2012

Are Texas Schools Forcing Students to Bear the Mark of the Antichrist?
12:00 AM

It's not the GPS chip in student IDs that one family objects to.

Not All Cabinet Posts Are Made the Same: How Obama Should Approach His Second Term Team
12:00 AM

A Team of Rivals might work for the economy, but not foreign policy.

Paul Ryan, Global Thinker?
12:00 AM

There was some question as to whether Paul Ryan's intellectual reputation would survive 2012. Judging from Foreign Policy magazine, it has.

Don’t Expect Tzipi Livni to Shake Up Israel’s Election
12:00 AM

The former foreign minister returns to politics by forming a new centrist party.

Patience: Just What the Doctor Ordered (For Deficit Reduction)
12:00 AM

Republicans want to cut Medicare and Medicaid to help reduce the deficit. Why not wait and see if Obamacare accomplishes exactly that?

Please, Herr Krugman, May I Have Another?
How America’s favorite liberal stokes German masochism
12:00 AM

Krugman loves to insult the Germans, and they love to be insulted by him.