October 01, 2013

The Delhi Gang Rape Death Sentences Won't Make India Safer for Women
2:06 PM

The fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi last December caused global horror and outrage and forced India to step back and examine the ongoing war being waged against its women.

From the Stacks: A Mash Note to John Boehner

It's safe to say that John Boehner hasn't been having a good day.

The Top Story on Conservative Websites Is Not the Shutdown
12:18 PM

On Tuesday, for the first time in 17 years, the U.S.

A “S.E.A.-Change” in Military Contingency Planning
9:08 AM

Is America at risk from a counter-strike by Syria if it launched a military attack against Syria's chemical weapons? Yes – but not in the traditional way. A Syrian response would likely be of a different, asymmetric cyber form. And that’s a whole new way of thinking about war and contingencies.

For the past several weeks American leaders have been considering a military strike in Syria (a possibility that seems to have faded in recent days). Lurking behind the controversy and debate about whether that sort of strike would be good policy is a problem that must be driving military planners to distraction – America is no longer immune. Any decision to launch missiles at Syrian chemical weapons targets must incorporate an answer to the question – what will Syria do in response?

The Failed Republican Moderate Revolt is Good News
6:30 AM

As predicted, the government has shutdown after congress failed to pass a new funding bill. But for a few brief hours, it looked like a gang of Republican moderates might bolt from the GOP and avert a shutdown.

Welcome to Security States
12:00 AM

Welcome to Security States, a joint project of the New Republic and Lawfare designed to create a high-quality news and analysis source on the many difficult subjects where law, war, conflict, digital technologies, surveillance, liberty, and security

The Seven Most Likely Obamacare Glitches: Some Don't Worry Me, Others Give Me Nightmares
12:00 AM

A lot of people have been waiting for October 1, to see how Obamacare will work. If they're serious about trying to form a judgment, they're going to have to wait a lot longer.

September 30, 2013

Don't Blame the Tea Party for the Shutdown. Blame Boehner.
9:52 PM

For a few brief moments on Monday evening, it looked like House Republicans might finally come to their senses.

Larry King: "This Is One of the Worst Periods I’ve Ever Seen"
8:00 PM

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this week, while Keith Olbermann fulfills a contractual obligation to TBS that predates his recent return to ESPN, Olbermann’s eponymous nightly show will be hosted by Larry King.

Tomorrow the Most Important Word on Capitol Hill Will Be "Essential"

The word on everyone’s lips on Capitol Hill is “essential.” If Congress fails to fund the government, aides and Hill staffers of all varieties will be designated “essential”—meaning they will keep reporting to work—or “non-essential,” which translate