August 22, 2013

Rasmussen Reports Loses Scott Rasmussen, But the Inaccurate Polls Will Remain
4:02 PM

Scott Rasmussen has left Rasmussen Reports, one of the least accurate pollsters of the last two elections. From that perspective, you might expect that Rasmussen was fired for bad surveys.

He Is Not Bradley Manning. She Is Chelsea Manning. Deal With It.
11:20 AM

Bradley Manning, the Army private sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in prison for leaking government files to WikiLeaks, announced Thursday in a statement to NBC's "Today" that he is, as of now, a she:

August 21, 2013

This Video Proves That Trolling Russia Is Better Than Boycotting It
4:57 PM

Former New Republic staffer and conservative writer James Kirchick went on RT today to talk about the Bradley Manning verdict.

Chris Christie's Surprising Drop in the Polls
4:19 PM

I have to admit that I haven’t been paying any attention to New Jersey’s uncompetitive gubernatorial contest.

Two GOP Operatives Reveal How to Turn Texas Blue
3:04 PM

It’s the most common daydream of whichever consultant is masterminding Hillary Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting; for Republicans like Ted Cruz, there could be no greater catastrophe (leaving aside, naturally, the United Nations’ in

Raising the Minimum Wage Could Be a Winning Issue for Democrats. Here's Why.
1:47 PM

Earlier this month, I noted that Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, was, intriguingly, elevating an issue that one doesn't hear Democrats elsewhere talking up nearly as much as they should: raising the

A Stone-Faced Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years
12:36 PM

This morning, Bradley Manning, the Army private who leaked more than 700,000 classified government documents to WikiLeaks, was sentenced by a military judge to 35 years in prison.

The 11 Most Unapologetic Culturally Liberal Preferences of Bill de Blasio
12:19 PM

One of the fun things about watching a New York City election is that politicians don't feel the same pressure they do in a national race or other parts of the country to come across as regular, red-meat-eatin' Americans.

McAuliffe Overcoming the GOP's Turnout Advantage
12:16 PM

If Virginia’s gubernatorial contest was a fight between two equal candidates nominated by two equally evil parties, as it was initially billed, Ken Cuccinelli would have been a modest favorite.