December 19, 2013

Obama's Olympic Message to Putin: We're Here, We're Queer

Barack Obama's excellent Olympic snub of the Russian autocrat 

Bashar Al Assad: An Intimate Profile of a Mass Murderer
6:02 PM

How Syria's polite, genocidal dictator won.

The ASA's Boycott of Israel Is Not as Troubling As It Seems
4:30 PM

The American Studies Association is not nearly as influential as it thinks it is.

2013 Was the Year the Grand Bargain Died. Good Riddance.
3:45 PM

The terrible, magical idea that a bunch of insiders can solve big problems by ignoring politics. 

Conservative Quacks Take Flight Over 'Duck Dynasty' Controversy. Hypocrisy Ensues.
12:10 PM

Doesn't Sarah Palin have better things to do? Actually, don't answer that.

The NSA Report Is Incredibly Awkward for Obama
11:51 AM

This presumably was not the report Obama was imagining when created the group.

December 18, 2013

Ending Energy Subsidies: Environmental No-Brainer, Political No-Winner.
9:00 PM

Around the world, energy subsidies are an environmental no-brainer and a political-no winner. But that is going to change.

Richard Florida, Mr. Creative Class, Is Now Mr. Rust Belt
8:00 PM

Richard Florida's theory of the creative class has been disproved. He's hoping you won't notice.