December 16, 2013

December 15, 2013

The Question at the Heart of the Democratic Schism
11:59 PM

No one quite knows how to define "populism." Which is good news for vested interests who want to attack reform.

There's a Wonder Drug That Prevents HIV Infection. Why Haven't You Heard of It?
8:00 PM

Two weeks ago, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its Mortality and Morbidity Weekly report, many outlets were quick to jump on one specific statistic: that unprotected anal sex among men is up nearly 20 percent from 2005 to 2

Five Ways Republicans Screwed Up in 2013 (According to a Conservative)
8:00 PM

Republicans have had, contrary to what The New Republic often claims, a pretty good year. The Affordable Care Act has had a disastrous start and President Barack Obama's approval rating has even dipped below 40 percent in some polls.

"Corporatism" is the Latest Hysterical Right-Wing Accusation
6:00 PM

When conservatives accuse Obama of coddling big business, check your wallet

Who Cares if Santa Claus is Real? The Megyn Kelly Scandal Is About Race.
4:38 PM

The brouhaha over Megyn Kelly's comments about Santa Claus continued this weekend with Kelly's astonishingly dishonest non-apology.

December 13, 2013

Alzheimer's is a Terrible Disease. If You Live in a Poor Country, It's Even Worse.
5:53 PM

In 2050, 71 per cent of Alzheimer's patients will be in low to middle income countries. Will they be able to access medical care?

A Buddy of Big Banks May Wind Up Watchdogging Wall Street
1:15 PM

A possible appointment that progressives see as a sop to big banks

Congress Fails on Food Stamps with Little Fanfare

The legislature’s failure to pass a farm bill in 2013 “serves as a poster child for congressional dysfunction,” Norm Ornstein inveighed in the National Journal Thursday.