November 26, 2013

These Two Cases Could Be Corporate America's Biggest Gift Since Citizens United
1:42 PM

A ruling on the Obamacare contraception mandate could give corporations all kinds of new powers.

The Neocons Are Losing
11:33 AM

Mindlessly opposing the Iran deal, they are essentially calling for a shutdown of American foreign policy. No one is listening.

You Might Lose Your Doctor, But Don't Blame Obamacare
12:00 AM

Obamacare critics on the right think they have a new issue. They are calling it “provider shock.” Thanks to the new health care law, these conservatives say, insurance companies are limiting beneficiaries to small groups of doctors and hospitals.

November 25, 2013

Israel's Freakout, Explained

Israelis worry, again, whether Obama's presidency has made them less safe

No Way Out
8:00 PM

On Friday, 50 Syrian and Palestinian refugees detained in the Montaza II police station in Alexandria, Egypt began a hunger strike.

What the Supermarket Collapse in Latvia Tells Us About a Country at a Crossroads
2:51 PM

The Baltic nation must grapple with a national tragedy in addition to the economic and political complications of its entry into the Euro zone in January.

This Map Predicts Where Violence Will Erupt in Afghanistan
2:06 PM

As a security deal between the U.S. and Afghanistan stalls, this is what the future looks like.

Let's Kill All the Hawks and Doves! As Lazy Metaphors, That Is.
1:31 PM

It's time for new stand-ins for war hawks and peace doves.

Iran's Nuclear Program Is Still Growing, and America's Fist Is Shrinking
11:12 AM

The blockbuster nuclear deal reached early Sunday morning in Geneva between Iran and the U.S.-led coalition is both less and more consequential than early reports suggest.

November 24, 2013