September 25, 2013

Obama Said the Magic Word: 'Fatwa'
5:23 PM

In Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations yesterday, he expressed his willingness to settle American differences with Iran over its nuclear program through negotiations.

Hamas's Travails in Gaza
11:17 AM

Historian Juan Cole has an excellent account of what is happening to Hamas in Gaza.

Cruz May Be Hammy, But He's Also Bringing the Beef
12:59 AM

“I call it a phonybuster,” the inimitable Sen. Chuck Schumer told The Washington Post’s Jason Horowitz Tuesday afternoon. “Because we’ll vote at noon whether he speaks or not.”

What Obamacare Will Cost You: Now We Know
12:32 AM

President Obama, President Clinton, and Senator Ted Cruz all spent a lot of time talking about Obamacare on Tuesday.

September 24, 2013

Tests Make Kids Smarter. Let's Give Them More.

Why American schools need more testing, not less.

Guess How Much the Clintons Have Raised Since 1992
And here's how they spent it
8:00 PM

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Did Higher Turnout Help Romney?
5:46 PM

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a chart showing a “compelling” relationship between higher turnout and President Obama’s performance last November.

Egypt's Muslim Brothers Have Three Options for Moving Forward After the Ban
4:12 PM

In the 16 months after Hosni Mubarak’s dramatic February 2011 ouster, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood quickly rose from the cave to the castle, winning the parliamentary and presidential elections, and then appointing its members to executive positions ac

Bring Back Intrade! It’s A Perfect Reflection of Our Corruption.
3:53 PM

According to a new academic study, reports Slate and a bunch of other places, a single trader was responsible for between $4 and $7 million in Intrade bets on Mitt Romney during the final two weeks of the 2012 election cycle.

Hezbollah Terrorists May Be Out of a Safe Haven
3:29 PM

Hezbollah terrorists fleeing justice may be seeing the end of their reign of impunity in Lebanon.