November 21, 2012

Why Democrats Should Give Thanks For Mitt Romney
12:00 AM

Mitt Romney's greatest gift of all to Democrats was clarying which party is on whose side. That wasn't so obvious to voters two years ago.

A Fiscal Cliff Compromise That Could Work For Everyone
12:00 AM

Two entrenched positions define the revenue dimension of the fiscal cliff debate—Republicans’ opposition to rate increases, and President Obama’s longstanding vow not to raise taxes on families making $250,000 per year or less. Each side has reasonable if not completely compelling arguments in favor of its position.

November 20, 2012

Calling B.S. on the Next Big 'Fiscal Cliff' Bluff
12:00 AM

Heed the moderate Democrats, says Politico. Don't heed Politico, says Noam Scheiber.

A Gaza Family's Deja Vu
12:00 AM

In the Shati refugee camp, there is one question in the back of everyone’s mind: Is it happening again?

No Southern Comfort For Wishful Liberals
12:00 AM

Southern liberals say the region isn't as severely Republican as it seems. But they're ignoring reality.

ESPN Casts a Critical Look at Its Meal Ticket: Football
12:00 AM

ESPN pairs with public-TV stalwart 'Frontline' to investigate its meal ticket, professional football.

The Moral and Strategic Blindspot in Obama’s Pivot to Asia

The Obama administration deserves credit for the successes produced so far by its “pivot to Asia”, from the encouragement of political reform in Myanmar, to the creation of a permanent Marines base in Australia, to the initiation of joint military exercises with the Philippines.

Obamacare’s Critics Refuse to Give Up
12:00 AM

Obamacare critics can't repeal the law, so they're trying to cripple it.

November 19, 2012

Small Business Sells John Boehner Out
12:00 AM

Small business didn't get the memo on how higher taxes would destroy them.

Blame Paul Ryan for Your Son’s Workout Addiction
12:00 AM

It's just not the "Jersey Shore" guys who are promoting the body-conscious complex in our boys. It's our politicians, too!