October 16, 2013

The Shrinking Club for Growth
11:14 PM

If you look at which Republicans voted for the Senate bill to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, you can see which Republicans fear that they could lose their seats to Democrats in November and also which ones have their heads screwed onto

Netanyahu Sure Looks Like He's Getting Ready to Divide Jerusalem
8:00 PM

The Israeli Prime Minister has stopped mentioning Jerusalem. This could be huge for peace.

At John Boehner's Breakfast Joint, Few People Eat and Tell
5:42 PM

According to Wednesday’s Washington Examiner, the rift in the Republican Party is even apparent in where they eat, with establishment moderates and Tea Party conservatives dining at different spots.

Obama Beat the Hostage-Takers. Now He Has to Fight the Fiscal Scolds.
The fecklessness of Washington's professional budget alarmists
5:35 PM

Obama successfully beat back the hostage takers. He should do the same to the deficit scolds.

Is Anonymous's Rape Vigilantism a Public Good?
4:39 PM

It only took a few hours of Anonymous's "OpMaryville Twitterstorm" Tuesday for the action to elicit a response: Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and House Speaker Tim Jones called for state Attorney General Chris Koster to reopen the case of

Threatening Not to Raise the Debt Ceiling Is a National Security Issue, Too
2:07 PM

If a body other than the Congress of the United States were actively contemplating a step that would, by the accounts of virtually all economists, tank the U.S.

We're About to Default, and the House Is Debating Traffic Cones

On Capitol Hill, senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are frantically working to negotiate a deal before the government shutdown becomes a government default. A few blocks away, in the Rayburn House Office Building, a small group of U.S.

The Government Thinks It's Legal to Access Your Emails. This Theory Explains Why.
8:37 AM

Ladar Levison, owner of the now-defunct encrypted email site Lavabit, made headlines back in August when he shut the service down to avoid “becom[ing] complicit in crimes against the American people.” But the Lavabit saga is far from over.

What Happens to the National Debt Clock If the U.S. Defaults?
8:29 AM

Update: The Durst Organization emailed Wednesday afternoon, saying, contrary to what he told me Tuesday evening, “Just learned it won't freeze, it will slow.

October 15, 2013

The Republicans May Lose, But So Will You
11:37 PM

Americans who want jobs or mortgages will suffer because John Boehner didn't have the guts to stiff the Tea Party