July 10, 2013

Obama's Team Was Never Unique in 'This Town'
12:00 AM

Some of the commentary about Mark Leibovich’s new book, This Town, concerns the degree to which Team Obama has replicated the less-worthy habits of previous administrations: discarding high ethical standards, leaving public service for lobbying, etc.

July 09, 2013

There's No Cure for Marco Rubio's Abortion Anxiety

While you were lounging on the beach over the Fourth of July, Marco Rubio was having a really stressful holiday.

Careful Whom You Call a Hypocrite, Washington
2:37 PM

One of the entertaining parts of the rollout of This Town, Mark Leibovich's characteristically perceptive and well-turned expose of self-dealing and self-importance in official Washington, has been watching reviewers attempt to attach Larger Meaning

The Challenge of Rebranding the GOP
1:18 PM

The trendlines are bad for Republicans. They're falling behind in the battleground states. Demographic and generational change are making matters worse over time. And outside of the South, they're not even making gains among white voters.

Egypt Officially Declares What Is and Isn't Important
Three things that the interim president's constitutional declaration makes clear
12:04 PM

Interim Egyptian President Adli Mansour on Monday did his fellow citizens a huge favor by issuing his “constitutional declaration,” which is designed to do two things.

Winning More White Voters Won't Save the GOP
12:00 AM

After Election Day, the conventional wisdom was that the GOP needed to make gains among Hispanics to win in 2016. Fox News' Brit Hume and Sean Hannity, for instance, quickly assessed the GOP needed to cave on immigration reform.

July 08, 2013

Rick Perry: A Great Candidate... On Paper
6:39 PM

Today, Rick Perry announced that he wasn’t running for reelection as Texas governor, but didn’t say whether he would pursue the presidency in 2016.

The End of the Career-Ending Sex Scandal
6:21 PM

Decades hence, when we’re telling our baffled grandkids about the historical move away from laws prohibiting adultery, miscegenation, sodomy, gay marriage, and (probably, let’s face it) polygamy, we’ll linger for a while on the crucial events of the

Whatever Happened to Bobby Jindal?
The feud that helped knock the shine off a Republican golden boy
12:00 AM

What ever happened to the Republican Golden Boy?

The Wealthy Woman Behind Wendy Davis
Amber Mostyn's deep pockets push for women's rights in Texas—and, increasingly, nationwide
12:00 AM

Now that Texas Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster has catapulted her to political stardom, Democrats across the state and country are calling on her to run for governor next year.