December 12, 2013

A Year After Newtown, Little Has Changed
5:53 PM

Naming names for legislative cowardice

These Santas and Jesuses Wouldn't Make It On Fox News

Megyn Kelly says Santa and Jesus are white. These old pictures say otherwise.

Can Obamacare Handle Last-Minute Enrollments?
4:21 PM

The good news is, they're preparing now.

Here's What Really Separates Conservatives and Liberals in the Obamacare Debate
1:40 PM

Republicans and their supporters continue to fuss about the limited physician choice and relatively high deductibles that shoppers on the new Obamacare marketplaces are finding.

A Conservative Congressman Gets Flak About the Keystone Pipeline—From the Right

The politics of the pipeline are more complicated than you thought

Yes, Even Nelson Mandela Could Say Dumb Things
7:54 AM

Just because a bunch of people said stupid things about one of the century's most amazing men does not mean that Mandela didn't make some grievous errors in judgement.

December 11, 2013

The Budget Deal Is a Win for Democrats
11:59 PM

Republicans think that, in another shutdown, they can make the public focus on other Obama woes. They're wrong.