January 22, 2014

West Virginia Can't Get Its Story Straight on the Chemical Spill

Over the weekend, West Virginia authorities lifted the last remaining tap-water ban in effect since a January 9 chemical spill at the Freedom Industries plant in Charleston contaminated the water supply of 300,000 people.

Snowden Speaks, Says He Acted Alone. Should We Believe Him?
1:07 AM

The Republican committee chairman suggests Edward Snowden is a spy. Snowden says he isn't. The case for believing neither of them.

January 21, 2014

A Countryside of Concentration Camps
8:00 PM

A haunting report from a countryside of concentration camps

Here's How We Should Think About the Inequality Debate
4:41 PM

"Inequality" is a concept too sweeping and cluttered to lead to useful solutions. Here's how we should actually think about it.

Bashing the Liberal Media Won't Save Chris Christie
4:02 PM

In fact, it's likely to doom his 2016 chances.

200 Things Obama Can Do For the Environment—Without Congress

The executive order can be a beautiful thing. Use it, Mr. President!

The Media Crisis Is Over. Thanks, Ezra Klein.
3:10 PM

And with that, say goodbye to all those debates about blogging and journalism and the future.

America Must Stand Firm on Syria at the Geneva II Conference
2:36 PM

The conference is a diplomatic Hail Mary pass.

Policy Journalism Is Having Its Moment
2:19 PM

It's a good time for the producers of serious journalism—and an even better one for the consumers of it.

Chris Christie Versus the Lying Liars
2:02 PM

As he battles the Bridgegate fallout, Chris Christie is calling accusers liars. It turns out he has a long record of using that accusation.