July 02, 2013

If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Run, How Screwed are Democrats?
8:55 PM

On Sunday, The New York Times took a look at the emerging G.O.P. strategy against Hillary Clinton, and on Tuesday Politico offered an even more insider-y peek at what will happen to the Democratic Party if Clinton decides not to run for president.

McConnell Still Favored In Kentucky
11:15 AM

Just a couple of months after Ashley Judd decided against a hopeless quest to unseat Republican Mitch McConnell, another woman has stepped forward to challenge the Republican Senate minority leader.

July 01, 2013

The Real Problem With GOP’s “Hillary Is Old News” Strategy
12:47 PM

Jonathan Martin, newly arrived at the Grey Lady from the Tiger Beat on the Potomac, caused quite a stir with his piece yesterday noting the emerging outlines of the Republican case against Hillary Clinton, should she run for president in 2016: to pai

Republicans to Forfeit 2016 Election to Hillary Clinton
12:57 AM

On the front page of Sunday's The New York Times, Jonathan Martin has a remarkable story about the G.O.P.'s strategy against a likely Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Study the Moonbeam, Obama
California once had radical dead-end Republicans, too. In the end, they lost.
12:00 AM

Learning the lessons from California.

Why Obama Should Embrace the IRS Scandal
... and pray Max Baucus helps him
12:00 AM

It’s finally time to reform the corporate tax code.

The Way to Bipartisanship Is Through the Panama Canal
Want to do business with Congress? Focus on fixing ports.
12:00 AM

An opening for infrastructure reform.

Winning Numbers
Two pieces of data that explain Obama's second term
12:00 AM

Two demographic trends that Obama should exploit.

Cheer Up, Already!
It's time for Obama to put some happy in his warrior
12:00 AM

Obama needs some happy in his warrior.