November 22, 2013

This One Map Shows Why Food Stamps Are So Crucial
5:21 PM

And why we can't let Republicans cut them even more.

GOP: Ending Filibusters Is Unconstitutional and Un-American—and We'll Do it, Too
3:08 PM

Republicans are so outraged by the Democrats' use of the "nuclear option," they're threatening to nuke back.

Breaking: Reporters Covering Iran Talks in Geneva Are Incredibly Bored
2:19 PM

When Rosie Gray, a reporter for BuzzFeed currently camped out in Geneva, Switzerland, for the international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, agreed to a brief interview via Gchat Friday morning, she warned that the Internet might go out.“And

Michelle Obama Is a Feminist, Not a "Feminist's Nightmare"
10:56 AM

Media orgs troll the feminist blogosphere to get attention. A new attack on Michelle Obama is the dumbest yet.

Democrats Will Pay for Nuking the Filibuster. But They Would Have Paid, Anyway.
10:07 AM

After today’s Senate vote to eliminate the use of the filibuster for presidential nominees (except for the Supreme Court), Mitch McConnell vowed revenge. Evoking the tragicomic specter of unified Republican control over government, the minority leade

November 21, 2013

A Heartbreaking Contemporary Account of America's Grief for Kennedy

To read more of The New Republic's coverage of the Kennedy Assassination, click here. 

Nuking the Filibuster Is Great. Sanctimonious Beltway Types Just Won't Admit It.
9:07 PM

Stop mourning bipartisan comity, sanctimonious Beltway scolds! It died a long time before the filibuster did.

A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP
8:00 PM

In Arizona, the son of conservative icon Barry Goldwater is leading an unlikely insurrection against big electric utilities

Financial Reform Is About to Catch a Second Wind
8:00 PM

"Too Big To Fail" is in real trouble. It's about time.