November 08, 2013

How To Read PPP's Polls
5:35 PM

I’ve written at length about PPP’s troubling methodological choices. The firm failed to disclose important methodological decisions, offered inconsistent or baffling explanations, and continues to employ an unscientific and inconsistent approach.

Martha Gellhorn's Revelatory Road Trip Across America
1:38 PM

There is no moral to driving through America. There probably isn't any conclusion. Except the obvious one: America is not what it sounds, Americans are not those people you read about in newspapers and magazines. I

On Our Cover: Elizabeth Warren as 'Being John Malkovich'

We started off with the idea of a big photo of Senator Elizabeth Warren on the cover with a big, bold line on top like "The Next President of the United States," but quickly realized how lame that was.

Obama's Apology Is a Good Start—Now Let's Figure Out the Problem
10:08 AM

In an interview Thursday with NBC News' Chuck Todd, President Obama apologized to Americans receiving cancellation letters from insurers—and promised to investigate whether his administration could do something to help them.

Did Lindsey Graham Sponsor the Abortion Ban Because Marco Rubio Wouldn't?

On Thursday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill that would outlaw abortion at 20 weeks, a companion to a measure that passed the House of Representatives this June and an echo of laws that have already passed in more than a dozen

The Pivotal, Behind-the-Scenes Story of How the "Game Change" Guys Get Sources to Talk
12:00 AM

Looking back, the interview on January 30, 2009 would prove to be a game-changer for Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

November 07, 2013

If College Students Can't Say What 'Consent' Is, Then We Should Teach It Sooner
8:00 PM

What I remember most about freshman orientation at Tufts is meeting friends, getting absurdly lost on campus, and purchasing an enormous “Starry Night” poster for my basement dorm room.

Betsy Rothstein, Washington's Strangest Gossip, Does Not Explain Washington
5:20 PM

Go ahead and try to use Betsy Rothstein as a lens to understand the capital. It can't be done.

The EPA's Nationwide Carbon-Emissions Tour Rides Into D.C. With "Carpe Diem!"

“Here are my words for the EPA,” a speaker at a Sierra Club event, Laura MacLeery, shouted into a mic in a packed room Thursday morning. “Be bold, brave, creative, visionary!