August 12, 2013

This Is What Legal Pot Stores Look Like

"Marijuana remains illegal at the national level, with no medical exception," Michael Kinsley notes in the latest issue of The New Republic.

Why the Numbers Say Texas Stays Red
4:54 PM

Texas Democrats are giddy over the possibility that demographic changes might turn the Lone Star State “blue,” but the numbers suggest Texas will lean “red” for a long time.

August 11, 2013

Just How Much Marijuana Will Bureaucrats Allow in a Legal Pot Brownie?
Washington state's reefer regulatory madness
8:00 PM

Regulation : Pot :: Herding : Cats

August 09, 2013

This Is the Summer of Lovecraft
1:13 PM

All summer I've been manacled to my desk writing a book about a former friend of mine, the impostor and convicted killer known to the world and the media as Clark Rockefeller.

Mitch McConnell's New Ad Makes Him Look Like Hendrix at Woodstock
12:25 PM

Mitch McConnell may be having troubles on the campaign manager front—you'd rather have someone in that role who isn't telling people he is "holding [his] nose" working for you. But say this for McConnell—he's got an ace ad-maker at his side.

August 08, 2013

Obama's Campaign Manager Sells Out for Austerity
8:00 PM

At home, Barack Obama is waging a battle against Republicans who want to slash the budget. Why has his campaign manager gone to Britain to work for a pol who's doing the same thing?

Even Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Can't Stand Him
3:44 PM

It’s not easy for many coastal liberals to understand how it can be that Mitch McConnell is facing a conservative challenge in the Republican primary for his Senate re-election.

August 07, 2013

The Issue That Could Take Down Mitch McConnell
4:36 PM

It’s been noted several times since Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes announced her challenge of Senator Mitch McConnell that she is doing her utmost to present herself as the most moderate of Democrats, the sort who would get no cl

Cory Booker’s Shady Role in Web Startup Waywire
7:15 AM

The New York Times’ front-page report on Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s involvement in a fledgling web-video start-up called Waywire contains some troubling and surprising revelations. The article details that the majority of Booker’s wealth—and up to $5

August 06, 2013