December 21, 2012

Obama's First Term Was a Failure for Civil Liberties
12:00 AM

Remember when Obama promised to restore those civil liberties that Bush took away?

How One Woman Made Budget Scolding Chic
12:00 AM

IN SEPTEMBER of 2011, a fortyish budget connoisseur named Maya MacGuineas was feeling demoralized. She couldn’t believe that Congress and the president had nearly let the country default on its debt rather than reach a major deficit-cutting deal the previous summer. So she did what she had become unofficially famous for in the wonk circles of Washington: She threw a glamorous dinner party. MacGuineas’s friend, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, agreed to open his Alexandria estate to a coterie of bold-faced names.

December 20, 2012

Borking Around
12:00 AM

Bork—and his video rental history—was this writer's Watergate.

In Fiscal Talks, It's Groundhog Day
12:00 AM

Yes, the House Republican caucus is still crazy.

Ted Kennedy, Jr. Could Be a Senator—But Only If He Wants to Be
12:00 AM

If Ted Kennedy, Jr. runs for Sen. John Kerry's seat, he needs to explain why.

Susan Rice Isn’t Going Quietly
12:00 AM

BY THE TIME Susan Rice withdrew her name from the running for secretary of state earlier this month, she had emerged in the media as one of Washington’s most nefarious personalities.

Archie Bunker's America: The GOP Takeover of Family Values

In Robert O Self's view, the 1970s culture war was central to the decade's political struggles.

December 19, 2012

We're Still Paying the Price for the Borking of Robert Bork
12:00 AM

Yes, Bork was a conservative judge. But his confirmation defeat remains a shame to this day.

Franklin Roosevelt: The Father of Gun Control
12:00 AM

Gun control is one of the great pieces of unfinished business for the Democratic Party. Although the party has never been unified in its support of restrictive gun laws – indeed, gun control historically transcends the usual party lines – for the past century Democrats have pushed for a more vigorous role for government in regulating guns.

Meet John Lott, the Man Who Wants to Arm America's Teachers
12:00 AM

He claims to be a rigorous academic. He's not.