November 19, 2012

Let the Tax Cuts Expire—Yes, All of Them
12:00 AM

Yes, the rich should pay more in taxes. But so should the middle class—eventually.

Booker vs. Christie Would Be the Best Campaign of 2013 (Or Maybe Any Year)
12:00 AM

What would happen if these two social-media kings collided in 2013?

A Blue Texas? Keep Dreaming
12:00 AM

All this talk about Texas turning blue anytime soon is a bit premature.

November 16, 2012

The Rise of Russia’s Gun Nuts
12:00 AM

Maria Butina greeted her guests with a gun in her holster and her hands on her hips.

In Defense of Israeli Forces’ Social Media Propaganda
12:00 AM

The Gaza battle has produced the first war on social media. Propaganda today is more immediate but only as effective as what it tries to justify.

His Russian Lawyer Dead, A Former American Turns to Congress for Revenge
12:00 AM

They killed his lawyer and wrecked his fortune. Now the man who renounced his American citizenship is turning to Congress for revenge on Russia.

In Washington, Marijuana Proponents Outspent Opponents 400 to 1
12:00 AM

On October 31, a six-minute video titled “Chapel Chat with Evangelina Holy” appeared on YouTube. Despite the blurry footage and poor audio, the title character is a dead ringer for Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character from “Saturday Night Live.” In Carvey’s voice, Holy reads a letter from a viewer worried about marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

The Private Sector Bail-Out of Europe’s Culture Industry
12:00 AM

This summer, the Internet warmly embraced the birth of “Monkey Jesus,” a tragicomic attempt by a well-intentioned octogenarian in Spain to restore a decaying fresco by herself. But the ape-ified “restoration” wasn’t just a source of countless online memes; it was a grim symptom of a crisis metastasizing across Europe.

Id of the Senate: How Twitter Unleashed Chuck Grassley
12:00 AM

"Assume deer dead," and other greatest hits.

Putting the President on the Couch
12:00 AM

How has Obama changed in the last four years? To find out, Franklin Foer talks to three Obama-ologists: Barney Frank, Ron Suskind, and David Maraniss