September 27, 2013

The Government Shutdown Is Killing Ken Cuccinelli

There are plenty of reasons the noxious Ken Cuccinelli is trailing lackluster Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Obamacare Is About to Go Live. Here's Why It Was Worth the Wait.
12:00 AM

Obamacare’s new insurance marketplaces are scheduled to open for business on October 1, just a few days from now. For all the attention that date has received, it is less important than it might seem.

September 26, 2013

Simple Answers to the Top Five Questions About the Government Shutdown
8:00 PM

The word in Washington is that we’re on the brink of a “shutdown,” a dramatic term that suggests the U.S. government will cease operating—as simple as closing your laptop. The reality, of course, is much more complicated.

Video Games Are Making Us Too Comfortable With the Modern Surveillance State
8:00 PM

It's hard to remember the first time I noticed a camera filming me in public. There was no genesis point, no camera zero that commenced the age of being conscious of having an unseen audience.

Bill de Blasio Should Embrace Democratic Socialism in New York City
4:27 PM

This past Monday The New York Times ran a front-page story by Javier C. Hernández called "Possible Mayor Now, But Then a Young Leftist," about your activist years in the 1980s and early '90s. The story does seem to have caused a stir, and this is partly because of the dread word "socialist."

Wendy Davis Doesn't Stand a Chance of Becoming Texas Governor
4:15 PM

This afternoon, Politico reported that Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat who attracted national attention for filibustering a bill restricting access to abortion, will run for governor in 2014.

Ted Cruz Is a Wacko Bird of His Party's Own Making
8:17 AM

For his 21-hour floor speech decrying Obamacare, Ted Cruz is catching heat from a lot of his fellow Republicans. In the Senate, they disdain his not-quite-filibuster as grandstanding.

A Rare Campaign Finance Indictment
7:39 AM

Something pretty remarkable happened Thursday morning in Ohio: Two businessmen were charged with serious violations of federal campaign finance law.

September 25, 2013

A Newly Released Secret Opinion Shows Surveillance Courts Are Even Worse Than You Knew
8:00 PM

Last week, with little fanfare, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) released a previously secret opinion upholding the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance of telephone metadata.

If John Boehner Knows What's Good For Him, He'll Shut Down the Government
8:00 PM

What the hell is John Boehner thinking? I don’t mean that strictly in a rhetorical sense, though it’s hard not to slap your head when you see the most powerful Republican in the country lurching from one cockamamie strategy to another.