September 12, 2014

Scotland's Radically Inclusive Nationalism
Why I would vote for independence
12:05 PM

Here's why I would vote for independence.

If This Is Really the Most 'Sweeping' Coal Ash Law In the Country, We're Doomed
10:56 AM

A toxic mixture of arsenic, lead, mercury, and other chemicals is seeping out of coal ash pits.

WATCH: James Brown Delivers a Message on Domestic Violence to Football Fans
9:15 AM

Instead of giving pre-game hype, he delivers a powerful message about domestic violence.

Climate Change Is About to Have a Populist Moment
Why an upcoming demonstration in NYC is so important
8:28 AM

What the largest climate march in history can and can't do.

September 11, 2014

You Call This a Strategy for Defeating IS?
Why I'm skeptical of Obama's plan
11:59 PM

Why I'm skeptical of Obama's plan.

Think Tanks Should Take Money From Foreign Governments
We should work with them when we can contribute insight on the issues they are facing
9:00 PM

Our funds are limited, and we can meaningfully contribute to the issues they are facing. 

September 11 Didn't Change Everything, After All
Coming of age after the Twin Towers fell
4:45 PM

Coming of age after the Twin Towers fell.

Margaret Sanger's Bold, Gutsy Response to a 1929 Raid on a Birth Control Clinic
A feminist rant for the ages.
4:06 PM

A feminist rant for the ages.

It's Looking Even Worse for Roger Goodell
This isn't just about the Ray Rice incident anymore
8:56 AM

It's not just about the video anymore