December 11, 2014

We Will Never Know Whether Torture Works. That Shouldn't Matter.
4:51 PM

Stop obsessing over its effectiveness. That's beside the point.

The Torture Report Will Make It Harder for the Government to Prosecute Guantánamo Prisoners

In 2009, charges were dropped against a September 11 defendant because he was tortured.

If You're Bored by the Hong Kong Crackdown, the Chinese Government Is Winning
10:36 AM

The frightening consequences of quiet authoritarianism.

South Africa's Violent Road to Real Democracy
10:02 AM

"The violence stems from a vacuum of legitimate authority. The vacuum is a result of apartheid, which, for blacks, left the very concept of public order discredited."

December 10, 2014

Are We Entering a New Age of Artistic Censorship in Europe?
2:58 PM

There's an assumption threatening the arts: Only particular people can tell the story of particular experiences.