February 18, 2015

Libya Is Yet Another Reason to Be Wary of Humanitarian Interventions
Four years after revolution, the country remains in chaos
12:23 PM

Like in Iraq, intervention in Libya preceded the presence Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Will Congress Accept Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Challenge?
10:57 AM

The Supreme Court justice isn't hiding her displeasure.

The Alarming Retirement Crisis Facing Minorities in America
12:05 AM

An eye-opening study puts the numbers in stark detail.

February 17, 2015

Death to the "Public Intellectual"
It's time to democratize the title
10:43 PM

It's time to democratize the title.

Netanyahu's Grandstanding Is Good for His Candidacy, Bad for His Country
5:46 PM

He'll win votes in Israel, but he's alienating the world in the process.