June 25, 2015

Just How Angry Is Justice Scalia Over the Obamacare Ruling?
1:31 PM

An emoji ranking of his most enraged quotes.

Game Over, Obamacare Haters
11:26 AM

The Supreme Court ruling is a victory for the government—and millions of newly insured Americans.

Hillary Clinton Has Hired a Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist
10:31 AM

And environmentalist groups are not happy at all.

Why Symbols Matter
8:11 AM

The Confederate flag is an exertion of raw power. That's why it's defended, and why it's fought.

The Five Most Likely Outcomes in the Supreme Court Obamacare Case
7:48 AM

Here's a guide to the five most likely outcomes.

June 24, 2015

As Racist Symbols Fall Away
6:20 PM

Removing a symbol of racism doesn't remove racism.