March 17, 2015

Republicans Want to Gut Our Most Effective Welfare Program
And they're using "states' rights" as an excuse
6:17 PM

And they're using "states' rights" as an excuse.

House Republicans Use "Energy Independence" as an Excuse to Slash Climate Funds
1:43 PM

Republicans want to undo what little progress the U.S. has made on climate change.

C-List Celebrities Won't Help Netanyahu in the Israeli Elections
1:07 PM

Bibi's American ties are no more helpful in getting out the vote than Chuck Norris’s name is in selling box office tickets.

March 16, 2015

What Climate Change Looks Like for a Vulnerable Nation: "The Future Has Been Shattered"
4:32 PM

International aid helps more before an entire island nation is flattened.

Republicans Can Kiss Medicare Privatization Goodbye
2:33 PM

Hard to see how the Medicare privatization campaign survives this.

The American Jewish Community Is Fracturing. What's Causing It?
1:47 PM

American Jews are generationally conflicted on Israel. 

Marco Rubio and Mike Lee's Tax Plan Is a Setback for Tax Reform
12:24 PM

It's a legitimate policy document, but a deeply flawed one.