August 14, 2014

Those War-Ready Cops in Ferguson Are 9/11's Awful Legacy—and Your Taxes Are Paying for It
7:33 AM

Local police departments have been given an insane amount of money and military-grade weaponry.

The Media Is Desperate for an Obama-Clinton Feud. Get Ready for a Letdown.
7:00 AM

Obama and Clinton disagree on foreign policy, but what else?

Scenes from a War Zone in the Middle of America
Unreal photos of the chaos on the streets of Ferguson
12:54 AM

Unreal photos of the chaos on the streets of Ferguson.

Ferguson Will Make It Harder for America to Set a Good Example Abroad
12:45 AM

This is how Russia puts down riots, not America.

Freelance Workers Are Our Future. So Why Are We Penalizing Them?

Our government can't distinguish between an employee and a contractor. And that's hurting our freelancers and our future.

August 13, 2014

Kurdistan Is Considered the "Success Story" of the Iraq War. Not So Fast.
8:00 PM

There's rampant corruption, widening inequality, and an increasingly authoritarian government. 

Michael Brown's Death Was Shocking. So Are the Racial Profiling Stats We've Been Ignoring.
93% of drivers arrested in Ferguson are black, but blacks make up 67% of the population.
8:00 PM

But a teenager had to die for anyone to notice.

This Letter Shows the GOP Once Sympathized With Immigrants Facing Deportation
2:01 PM

And it proves that Republican are hypocritical to protest Obama's executive actions.