More Edwards

Say this for the Edwards campaign. If Edwards does manage to win Iowa, it looks like his campaign will have an operation in place in New Hampshire to capitalize on it. From Marc Ambinder: John Edwards's New Hampshire campaign manager, Beth Leonard, is adamant: for all the talk of Edwards putting all of his chips into winning Iowa, his campaign is investing heavily in New Hampshire, too. The campaign has ten field offices open now and Leonard oversees 40 full-time staffers.


Via TPMmuckraker, this is a devastating one-minute exchange between Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and former White House political director Sara Taylor. In a way I think it explains quite a lot about the past six-and-a-half years: Even one NRO writer says of Taylor's performance today: It's a total disaster. Leahy is just schooling her. She is dissheveled, inarticulate, bumbling - lots of "uhs" and "ums," and at times answers that appear to open the door to more questions unnecessarily.... Keith Olbermann is going to have a field day with this footage.



It is with great sadness and great pride that the staff here at The New Republic says goodbye to our very own Ryan Lizza. Ryan is moving to The New Yorker, where he will be the magazine's Washington correspondent. A fantastic opportunity for him, and a treat for New Yorker readers, we wish Ryan nothing but the best in his new endeavor. A brilliant and insightful journalist, Ryan has reported for TNR on everything from the corrupt reign of Liberia's Charles Taylor to the Senate campaign of George Allen.


Nixon, Nixon, Nixon

More Richard Nixon tapes were released yesterday, and, as usual, there are some goodies: In the document, written in December 1970 to H. R. Haldeman, a top aide, Nixon expresses both anger and pain that his aides have not been able to establish an image of him as a warm and caring person.


By Sanford Levinson I have argued against attempts to impeach President Bush, not least because I seriously doubt there is evidence that he has committed a "high crime" or "misdemeanor," as against displaying catastrophic misjudgment and incompetence that, alas, is not, according to most well-trained lawyers, impeachable. But assume that Harriet Miers, whose testimony Bush is desperately trying to prevent, were to testify that she indeed discussed the US attorneys with Bush and that he indicated that he had decided to sell the appointments for large contributions.


Hillary Gets It

I haven't said this before. But Hillary Clinton has it absolutely right: "There are not many good options" for U.S. policy on Palestine. Yes, "the security of Israel is best served by helping to create a Palestinian Authority that can provide tangible benefits for its people, in contrast to the violence and isolation offered by Hamas." The real question, however, is whether the P.A.


I don't know how long these hearings will be going on. But they are mighty interesting, and they are on right now. This hearing, called by Representative John Conjers, Jr., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, may be viewed on C-Span 3 or via the link to the committee web cast: Click on "webcast." Oh, yes, what are the hearings about? It is called a hearing on "The Use and Misuse of Presidential Clemency Power for Executive Branch Officials." The big star, predictable though he may be, is former ambassador Joseph Wilson. If you missed it, sorry.

Is the administration caving everywhere? Its attitude to Iraq is puzzling. As Republican senator after Republican senator defects, the president still puts up a bold front. But, as European allies move ever closer to the U.S. position on Iran, the administration seems inclined to soften its pressure on Tehran. How does one explain this? Eli Lake takes a crack in this morning's Sun.

Panic Mode

John McCain has dumped his campaign manager Terry Nelson and, even more dramatically, his longtime advisor John Weaver. Meanwhile McCain is speaking on the Senate floor right now about his latest visit to Iraq. So far it sounds like anyone hoping for McCain to join the stampede to the exits will be disappointed: "The progress our military has made should encourage us. It's also clear that the overall strategy that Gen Petraeus has put into place... is the correct one.... No lasting political settlement can come out of a US withdrawal." More of the same, in other words. --Michael Crowley

The Iraq Tug-of-war

Everybody's swooning over new Republican war defectors Dick Lugar, Pete Domenici, and George Voinovich -- "It's as if the dike has burst," moderate Sen. Susan Collins gushed -- taking their statements of frustration as a sign the Senate could finally pass tough legislation to end the war. It's harder than that, though: Think of the politics on this as a simple elementary-school-field-day-style tug-of-war, where, when one side gives, the other rushes back too, so they don't end up any nearer to each other after all.