November 04, 2008

Rahm To Wh?
12:00 AM

Per Roll Call, sure looks like it: Senior Democrats on and off Capitol Hill were becoming increasingly convinced late Tuesday that Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) is preparing to quit his post as the fourth-ranking House Democrat to accept a job as White House chief of staff in an Obama administration.... Several sources said Emanuel has not yet informed his fellow House Democratic leaders of any decision, but that he has told other confidants that he is going to accept an offer to join Obama’s administration. --Michael Crowley

What's Grover Norquist Doing Today?
12:00 AM

We asked a few politicos if they have any Election Day rituals or superstitions that they adhere to. Here's anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist. During the day I write, because there's not too much else to do. In 2004 I got a call from Zogby at 2 p.m. telling me that Kerry is sweeping the country. I had an article due the next day, so I wrote about what happens now that Democrats control the White House. So, of course, I had to re-write that. Normally, I also go out to a party at night.

Photo Of The Day
12:00 AM

A U.S. Military officer carries the 'football,' which contains nuclear launch codes, outside the White House on January 7, 2002 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) --Michael Crowley

More Good News For Obama
12:00 AM

The Redskins lost: On Monday, the Washington Redskins lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 23-6. Since 1936, if the Redskins lost their last home game before Election Day, the party that lost the popular vote in the previous election wound up in the White House. If the Redskins won, the party that won the popular vote in the previous election won again. --Michael Crowley

November 03, 2008

The Inexorable Candidate
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--A good politician triumphs by adapting to the times and taking advantage of opportunities as they come. A great politician anticipates openings others don't see and creates possibilities that were not there before.John McCain might have been the second kind of politician, tried to be the first, and enters Election Day at a steep disadvantage. Barack Obama certainly seized the opportunities created by President Bush's failures and the country's profound discontent, which only deepened after the economic crash.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
12:00 AM

COLUMBUS, OHIO--Less than a week before Election Day, the buzz in Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office is about a Halloween mask. On Thursday morning, The Other Paper, a local news and entertainment weekly, had published a cover plastered with a picture of Brunner’s face, complete with dotted lines where readers could cut it out to wear for the holiday.

24 Hours Of Fox News
12:00 AM

With precious little time remaining until the election, last week I sat down to watch as much Fox News as I reasonably could over a 24-hour period. As one might expect with Barack Obama so close to the presidency, the channel is in full nuclear meltdown mode; I was afraid the stench of desperation would waft out of the television set and into my studio apartment. Fox is going ballistic for good reason: These days, absolutely nothing is going right--in both declensions of the word.

Today's Polls: All Signs Point Toward Obama Victory
12:00 AM

With fewer than six hours until voting begins in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, the national polling picture has cleared up considerably. Barack Obama is on the verge of a victory, perhaps a decisive victory, in the race for the White House.The national polls have all consolidated into a range of roughly Obama +7. That is right about where our model sees the race as well, giving Obama a 6.8 point advantage in its composite of state and national polling.

Why Palin's Policies Won't Help Special-needs Kids
12:00 AM

Harold Pollack is a public health policy researcher at The University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration, where he is faculty chair of the Center for Health Administration Studies. Today's New York Times contains a poignant article, "In Palin, Families of Disabled Children See a Potential White House Friend." With her infant son's diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Governor Palin has joined a community of caregivers that crosses every social boundary. My wife Veronica and I belong to that same community.

The Race Could Drag On, Unresolved, Into December
12:00 AM

No, not the prez race. But it looks like Georgia's hard-fought Senate contest -- the outcome of which could decide whether or not the Democrats get to 60 votes in the upper chamber -- may well go to a December 2 runoff: Georgia requires that a candidate receive a simple majority of votes to take office; polls show GOP incumbent Saxby Chambliss and his Democratic challenger running neck-and-neck, with a Libertarian candidate winning a big enough chunk of the vote to keep both major-party candidates under 50 percent.