January 28, 2009

Scott Mcclellan's Advice For Robert Gibbs
12:00 AM

Yesterday, we asked President Bush's former press secretary, Scott McClellan, if he had any hard-won suggestions for Robert Gibbs. My view is that the press-briefing model that is used now is kind of outdated.

I Need Glasses. Or A Bigger Tv.
12:00 AM

I just glanced over at the television, which is tuned to MSNBC and carrying a press conference by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. It's on the other side of the room and, from a distance, it looked for a moment like Phil Gramm. Seeing Gramm's face at the White House press office made for a disturbing, if blessedly fleeting, moment. So be aware: It's an easy mistake to make. --Jonathan Cohn 

Geithner To Citi: No Plane For You!
12:00 AM

I come not to praise Tim Geithner, but ... It's still too early to say he's changed the tone of the D.C.-Wall Street relationship. However--a few days ago Citigroup announced that, despite its multiple bailouts from the federal government, it was going ahead with plans to buy a $50 million corporate jet. That's a lot of coin, even for a corporate jet, and it was a clear challenge to Geithner's Treasury. Former Secretary Paulson and his staff would have waited to read the public response; if the media had splashed the news on Page 1, they might have acted.

Obama The Triangulator?
12:00 AM

The always-insightful First Readers make a great point today: Speaking of Democratic leaders, are House Republicans trying to drive a wedge between Nancy Pelosi and President Obama? Indiana Rep. Mike Pence (R) appeared to be at it on Hardball yesterday, having nothing but praise for the president after their meeting on the Hill. He softly called him "very sincere" in his call to bipartisanship, but stressed that Obama was likely "surprised" to see that House Democrats aren't following in his call. He lamented that Republicans have had no input into the stimulus.

Today At Tnr (january 28, 2009)
12:00 AM

The Self-Help Guru: How Malcolm Gladwell Went From Armchair Sociologist To Saccharine Cheerleader, By Isaac Chotiner Well, If The Mitchell Report On Steroids Is Any Indication, The Middle East Is In Big, Big Trouble, By Will Leitch Immigration, Ethanol, Drugs, And Other Issues That Need To Be On Obama's Latin America To-Do List, By Alvaro Vargas Llosa TNRtv: Will An Obama White House Kill The Netroots? By Jonathan Chait and Jonah Goldberg Tough Love: What does 'pro-Israel' really mean?

January 27, 2009

Neighbors Without Benefits
12:00 AM

America’s relationship with Canada has been a wildly fortunate one: What other country in the world has had the luxury of never giving a moment’s thought to its neighbor? And with the Middle East exploding, the proxy wars between Pakistan and India growing less proxy by the day, questions of succession in North Korea becoming increasingly bizarre, and a Mexican drug war beginning to spill over the border, the parliamentary crisis in Canada may seem low on the list of America’s priorities. But, believe it or not, it shouldn't be.

12:00 AM

TNR's Ben Eisler investigates a disturbing Wall Street fad in an exclusive video report. For the high quality video, click here.

Drug Wars

This past week, President-elect Obama declared that "Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are our number one threat when it comes to American security,” pledging to “do everything in our power” to eliminate safe havens which terrorists can use to plan attacks against the U.S. As these terrorist networks become increasingly transnational, one of the key roadblocks against destroying them is the difficultly of achieving international cooperation in counter-terrorism initiatives. To overcome this challenge, the Obama administration needs to change the way the U.S.

Stimulus Politics: How Cheap A Date Will Big Business Be?
12:00 AM

Tom Edsall has a nice piece up at The Huffington Post about the uselessness of about $24 billion in business tax breaks in the current House stimulus package.

Tnrtv: Goldberg Vs. Chait--will An Obama White House Kill The Netroots?
12:00 AM

TNR senior editor Jonathan Chait and National Review editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg debate the impact that Obama's victory will have on the left-wing blogosphere. --Ben Eisler