March 17, 2009

A Happy Return

There are absolutely no limits to bad faith in politics. The grotesquely laughable debate about France’s place in NATO is just the latest example. First, it is not correct to speak, as people are doing everywhere, of France’s “return” to the alliance. This is because France never actually left NATO. In 1966, under the leadership of President Charles de Gaulle, France left NATO’s integrated military command, but it didn’t leave the political council. According to French Defense Minister Herve Morin, France participates, and has always participated, in 36 of the 38 NATO committees.

A Letter To Khamenei
12:00 AM

Sounds like it might be in the works: A senior Western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters that he expected the letter to be sent to Mr Khamenei before the Iranian elections this summer, although Washington's allies would prefer this step to be taken after the vote, to avoid influencing the election. The last time reports about a letter to Iran circulated, the White House emphatically denied it. But last week a State Department spokesman said he did not have anything to say about a letter, adding that he would not discuss the options being considered.

Democracy, Part Ii: What Is It Good For?
12:00 AM

Ezra Klein has some thoughts on whether democracies--particularly our version--can respond effectively to economic crisis, a question I raised yesterday: Congress has been pretty pliant amidst all the rapid-fire bank bailouts and even the stimulus package. Republicans have been truculent about the stimulus, but truculence is also the luxury of the minority. If they were in the majority, they'd probably be much more constructive as they could claim credit for the recovery. Indeed, I think our political system is actually fairly well-designed for short-term crises.

Progress On Nonproliferation
12:00 AM

The White House makes an announcement in a key area where personnel choices have moved regrettably slow: President Obama Announces Key State Department Appointment WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Obama announced his intent to nominate Rose Gottemoeller for Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance. President Obama said, “Turning the tide on the threat of nuclear weapons and strengthening the international non-proliferation regime is one of the great and urgent challenges of our time.

Private Insurers, Not So Efficient
12:00 AM

The rationale for letting Medicare recipients enroll in private plans has always been that the private plans offere innovation and efficiency not available in the traditional, government-run plan. But the numbers have always told a different story. It costs the government more, not less, every time a Medicare beneficiary enrolls in one of the private Medicare Advantage plans.

Obama Could Sell Cap-and-trade Better
12:00 AM

This is a tad dated, but I just went back and read over Obama's remarks to the Business Roundtable last Thursday. The portions dealing with climate policy are, if not newsworthy, at least nicely indicative of the administration's thinking on the subject. For starters, Obama isn't swayed by the argument that a recession is a horrible time to cap carbon emissions. As he points out, any cap-and-trade system passed this session wouldn't get chugging along until 2012 at the earliest, at which point we should be out of this economic crisis (if not, we've got even bigger problems).

Aig's Off-again, On-again Bonuses
12:00 AM

Looks like the AIG derivatives wizards are going to get their bonuses after all. Per the Journal: Treasury has determined there is no way the government can actually extract the money from the individuals who already received the bonus payments. The government would face lawsuits with the potential of significant damage payouts and lawyer fees that could easily exceed the cost of the bonuses.  Instead, the administration said it will use a $30 billion installment of bailout funds approved March 2, to bring some pressure to bear on AIG.

Today At Tnr (march 17, 2009)
12:00 AM

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March 16, 2009

Service Industry
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON -- Every politician speaks glowingly about service to country, but few see national service as an important political issue.

When Idealism Meets Realism
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--Every politician speaks glowingly about service to country, but few see national service as an important political issue.