November 09, 2007

Chronicle Of A Political Death Foretold
12:00 AM

The New York Observer's Steve Kornacki has a fairly devastating piece today about the ongoing crash-and-burn of Fred Thompson's presidential candidacy: Consider the latest national poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, which has Mr. Giuliani safely ahead of the pack at 33 percent, followed distantly by Mr. McCain at 16 percent. Mr. Thompson runs behind him, at 15 percent—which is not good sign considering that he was at 23 percent last month and 26 percent two months ago. Individual state polls indicate that Mr. Thompson is essentially in a free-fall.

So Long, Renewables?
12:00 AM

According to Virginia Rep. Rick Boucher, White House officials are now signaling that the president might be willing to sign a climate change bill that put limits on U.S. greenhouse gases—as long as it's weak and ineffective. Ordinarily, scuttlebutt like that wouldn't deserve more than a shrug.

The State Department And Iran
12:00 AM

You can count on the State Department for nothing.  Inside the Bush administration it argues for "soft power" directed at Iran.  Actually, it's just fine in Foggy Bottom to have foggy policies which, in the struggle with the Tehran of the mullahs, means no policy at all.   Experts argue that there is an ongoing conflict between enlightened and liberal Iranians who are imperiled by the regime of the ayatollahs and their thugs.  After all, one has to admit that the Shah left a more tolerant and educated population than it seemed at the time.  Their children are trying to find their place in the

Bill Relief-pitches, Dodd Wags Fingers In Iowa
12:00 AM

Mate and Switch? [Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register]: "Former President Bill Clinton said Thursday that the blame for Democrat Hillary Clinton's failed health care plan in 1993 should rest on his shoulders."  Two-Trick Pony [David Shribman, RealClearPolitics]: "(1) The entire 2008 election is about leadership qualities; and (2) the entire 2008 election is a referendum on Hillary Clinton, who isn't even president." Off With Her Head!

November 08, 2007

What's Your Problem?
12:00 AM

What should we do about Pakistan?   By Peter Beinart & Jonah Goldberg

Pervez W. Busharraf
12:00 AM

When Pervez Musharraf took to Pakistan’s freshly unclogged airwaves Saturday night to announce his self-coup, he switched from Urdu to English mid-speech in order to address foreign skeptics. “To the critics and idealists against this action, I would like to say, Please do not expect or demand your level of democracy, which you learned over a number of centuries,” he said. “We are also trying to learn, and we are doing well.” He's learning something, that's for sure.

Collective Guilt
12:00 AM

ANENECUILCO, Mexico--I wish my American friends who fret about Mexican immigrants could be here with me. Listening to Emiliano Zapata, a laborer who happens to be the grandson and namesake of the legendary Mexican revolutionary, they perhaps would get a clearer sense of how the migration of Mexicans originated a few decades ago and why it continues today.The state of Morelos is where Zapata's revolution--one of the various armed struggles that made up the multifaceted Mexican Revolution--started almost a century ago, before it spread all across the south of Mexico.

Quelle Horreur!
12:00 AM

Mark Hemingway at National Review Online has a very bizarre column up today: [W]hen Sarkozy declared in the House chamber that a nuclear Iran was unacceptable--a significant number (though by no means a majority) of Democrats did not rise with the rest of the audience for the standing ovation that ensued. That’s right, a couple dozen members of Congress are more dovish than the president of France on a pressing matter of international security. Can it really be possible that not every single one of the 535 members of Congress is more hawkish than a center-right president of France?

Parents To Hrc: Stay Away From My Kid!
12:00 AM

The Des Moines Register reports that a conference billed as "Parents 2008: Putting Children on the National Agenda" will take place in New York today. The agenda? Duh. Unlike Italy, Japan and now Iran, our procreative society is hardly in short supply of young'uns. How we care for the 40 million children under ten is a fine descriptor of the state of our union. Education, health care, green spaces and after-school support all factor in.