April 03, 2008

Poll On The Economy (bad!) And Liberalism (not So Bad!)
12:00 AM

The latest CBS/New York Times poll is out and its full of provocative results. The headline (literally) is "Weak Economy Sours Public's View of Future." Among the findings: 48 percent of Americans say the economy is "fairly bad" while another 30 percent say it's "very bad." The last time the CBS/Times poll captured such pessimism was January of 1992, while the country was deep in recession. Not surprisingly, the economy is also voters' top concern: 32 percent say it's the most important problem facing the country today.

April 02, 2008

Leaving an Occupied Country Is Hard To Do
12:00 AM

What--a thoughtful plan for Iraq? Written by aspiring Democratic House members? Campaigning in highly competitive districts? Believe it. Led by Darcy Burner, who’s gunning to represent Washington’s eighth district, ten Congressional challengers recently released a 36-page proposal called, simply, “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.” More than 40 candidates have now signed on to the document, which is a cross between a think tank report and a political platform. On the face of it, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Nouveau NATO

Madame Chancellor, Mr. President, Nearly 20 years ago, we enthusiastically witnessed the most extraordinary event of the end of the 20th century: the fall of the Berlin Wall. A reunified Germany opened the way to the resurrection of the European continent. Then a wave of "velvet revolutions" brought down the communist dictatorships, one by one. We who have been unrelenting opponents of these iniquitous regimes since the long-ago days of the "New Philosophy," were thrilled by this magnificent celebration of freedom.

Freedom Blogger
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--The Cuban government has finally blocked access to a Web log written by Yoani Sanchez, a young woman who has caused a sensation on the communist-ruled island with her daily postings about life in Havana. But she says she has found a way to outsmart her censors. In the spirit of Soviet-era samizdats and Czechoslovakia's Charter 77, her blog, www.desdecuba.com/generaciony, lives on. Sanchez is a linguistics graduate in her early 30s, with a husband more than two decades her senior and a 12-year old son.

Interpreting The Lee Hamilton Endorsement
12:00 AM

On the one hand, it's not so surprising that Lee Hamilton would endorse Barack Obama. Obama's foreign policy team consists of several former Hamilton staffers, and Obama himself seems to embody Hamilton's foreign policy sensibility. (See this recent piece for more on that.)   On the other hand, the Hamilton endorsement is actually pretty telling. While working on the piece I just linked to--this would have been in late February--I asked one of Obama's foreign policy advisers why, if the two men were on such similar wavelengths, Hamilton hadn't already endorsed Obama.

When The President Does It, That Means It Is Not Illegal
12:00 AM

You may have been wondering: Just how shoddy did John Yoo's legal advice to the Bush administration have to be for even a conservative lawyer like Jack Goldsmith to be taken aback by it? Answer: very. Full text of Yoo's newly declassified Justice Department memos on detainee treatment here (part one) and here (part two). Emily Bazelon: What takes my breath away about the Yoo memos, now that we can finally read them, is their air of utter certainty. One after another, complex questions of constitutional law are dispatched as if there's no cause for any debate.

April 01, 2008

Onward, Clintonian Soldiers
12:00 AM

WASHINGTON--Chill out. More specifically: "We're going to win this election if we just chill out and let everybody have their say." Thus, Bill Clinton's advice to Democrats who are gnashing their collective teeth over whether the extended struggle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will cause their party to lose an election it once seemed certain to win. One person who took Clinton's advice was Obama, who went out of his way last weekend to defend his opponent's right to stay in the contest.

One-Track Mind
12:00 AM

No one has ever accused the Bush Administration of being a slave to the headlines. But on Monday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson apparently felt the need to underline its brand of reality-free policymaking one more time. The nation is in recession territory, investment banks are on the verge of collapse, the mortgage crisis is spreading.

God Hates Bill Richardson
12:00 AM

What if Bill Richardson gave a speech, but instead of coming out in his own voice, it was channeled through the voice of a robot imitating Bela Lugosi? That's pretty much what happened this afternoon at the Organization of American States, where Richardson continued his heated campaign for the vice presidency by addressing the body on what he would do to deepen U.S.-Latin American ties. The text of his speech didn't live up to the clownish image I've had of Richardson since reading Ryan Lizza's sendup -- it was rather conventional, straightforward and charmless.