July 15, 2008

A Majority Consider Afghanistan A Failure
12:00 AM

The WaPo has a front-pager today about the eerily even divide among the electorate on the issue of Iraq that is chock full of all sorts of fun polling numbers: 50% of Americans support a timetable for withdrawl, 49% don't; 48% think Obama would be an effective commmander of the armed forces, 48% don't; 47% trust McCain more to deal with Iraq, 45% prefer Obama. Some number are more depressing.

July 14, 2008

Waltzing With Beirut
12:00 AM

The Jerusalem theater lights came on, and no man between the ages of 25 and 35 moved. We had just watched Waltz With Bashir, Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman's animated documentary about Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the subsequent Sabra and Chatila massacre. The film deals with Folman's struggle with the surreal trauma that many veterans of that conflict retain.

Correspondence: Arthur Waskow Responds to Avi Beker
12:00 AM

To the Editor: Avi Beker's article focusing on that aspect of Muslim theology that denigrates Judaism -- as if it were the major cause of friction today -- ignores the long history of relatively peaceful and respectful relationships between Islam and Judaism, and downplays the relationship between contemporary Muslim appeals to ancient denigration of the Jews, and contemporary struggles with the State of Israel. He cites one oral tradition quoting Muhammad denigrating the Jews without citing others praising them, and acts as if hostility to the State of Israel is rooted in ancient anti-Jewis

Mugabe's Mess
12:00 AM

Harare, ZimbabweEvery night at around 9 p.m., in the weeks leading up to last month’s presidential election, Simon heard the sound of drums coming from the woods surrounding his paprika farm. The dull thuds percolated in a four-four beat. "B-boom," "B-boom," "B-boom"; then silence. A cry would go up. "Shall we kill the whites?" came the chorus of two-dozen "war vets"--the euphemism for veterans of Zimbabwe's independence struggle who now serve as a personal militia for the country's ruler, Robert Mugabe. "Let's ask Mugabe!" Then the drums began again.

The New Dominion
12:00 AM

RUTHER GLEN, Va.--If the 2008 election is destined to break up a frozen electoral map, Virginia is one of the most likely venues for the great political thaw. The state has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in 44 years, yet the trends are decidedly in the party's favor. Demographic change, often a driver of realignment, is occurring at a furious clip. The Old Dominion is now the New Dominion, particularly in the suburban and exurban counties north of the Rappahannock River. Barack Obama could not have carried Virginia as it once was.

Today's Polls: Live From New York
12:00 AM

 So, because my hotel didn't have my room ready yet once I got in from LGA -- and because I really needed a haircut -- I decided to get a haircut. Having chosen the marginally swankier Korean-run salon over the Italian barber shop, I was treated to a bottled water and .... a hot-off-the-presses copy of the New Yorker. If you're in search of some karmatic equity, however, the Gray's Papaya down the block had a huge Barack Obama sign taking up about half its window space.In Michigan, Rasmussen has Barack Obama moving into an 8-point lead.

July 13, 2008

The Perfect Metaphor For Obama's Ascent
12:00 AM

Ryan Lizza's phenomenal profile of Obama in the upcoming New Yorker is so full of highly illuminating, previously unreported details that it seems arbitrary to seize on any one or two in particular.

The Democratic Surge In Florida?
12:00 AM

Via commenter AaronBBrown, the Orlando Sentinel has a piece out today saying Democratic registration efforts in Florida have vastly outpaced the GOP's between January and May: TALLAHASSEE - John McCain's Florida problems may be growing: Democratic voters have out-registered Republicans by a nearly 7-to-1 margin since January.State totals show Democrats gained a net of 106,508 voters from January through May, compared with 16,686 for the GOP -- a shift that could muddle any McCain campaign math that banks on a Florida win to gain the White House.New Democratic registration outnumbered Republica

July 12, 2008

Will Obama Have Cash Flow Issues?
12:00 AM

Patrick Ruffini has an interesting post up arguing that Obama may struggle to outraise McCain and the RNC, to say nothing of swamping them financially, calling into question his decision to reject public financing. He says Obama's perceived advantages over McCain, plus the absence of some compelling campaign narrative (like Obama v.

July 11, 2008

Wanted: More Power-hungry Members Of Congress
12:00 AM

  Hillary Clinton's vote against the FISA reform bill this week seems to have taken quite a few people by surprise, and it's engendered a lot of speculation as to why she voted the way she did, even as Barack Obama supported the bill.