Zero Hedge: The Daily Kos of Financial Blogs
October 04, 2009

I'm only an imtermittent visitor to the financial blog Zero Hedge. But between my occasional perusals, and Joe Hagan's interesting profile of the blog (and its proprietor Dan Ivandjiiski) in last week's New York magazine, I can't help thinking it has a lot in common with the political blog Daily Kos. Both have an aggressively anti-establishment, semi-conspiratorial worldview and are constantly fulminating against the powers that be (big Wall Street firms in the first instance, sellout Washington Democrats and their corporate overseers in the second).

Uncertainty Principle
March 22, 2006

Violence is scary. Violence is sexy. Violence is wrong. Violence is righteous. Violence is a problem. Violence is the solution. Befitting its title, David Cronenberg's film A History of Violence comprises all these definitions and more. Just released on video, the film opens with a pulpy paean to small-town murderousness, as two drifters check out of a dusty, rural motel. The air of lazy depravity is palpable; bad acts are hinted at--"I had a little trouble with the maid," one man tells the other--before they are revealed.