Rand Paul

Rand Paul Will Break Libertarian Hearts, Just Like Reagan Did
April 06, 2015

The libertarian movement has come from people who don’t see the GOP as their ideal vehicle but as a necessary evil.

Why Won't Rand Paul and Chris Christie Take a Position on Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law?
April 01, 2015

All of the other presumptive Republican candidates for president have weighed in.

The Fascinating, Faulty Logic Behind Ted Cruz's Naked Appeal to White America
March 23, 2015

To his credit, he's not hiding his intentions.

SXSW Is Now Too Big to Fail
March 13, 2015

Here's what to expect this year. 

Why Conservatives' Prison Reform Plans Won't Work
March 05, 2015

Cutting costs won't improve lives.

Rand Paul Has the Most Dangerous Economic Views of Any 2016 Candidate
February 08, 2015

Keep him far, far away from the White House.

Shush, Rand Paul: Your Corporate Tax Holiday Is a Terrible Idea
February 04, 2015

The Kentucky senator should read the economic research before putting his finger to his lips.

Libertarians Have a History of Horrifying Views on Parenting
February 04, 2015

Rand Paul says parents "own" their children.