Rand Paul

Mitch McConnell Bleeds Red. Why Can’t He Admit It?
March 28, 2014

A Mitch McConnell web video accidentlly used Duke instead of Kentucky players. The superficial gaffe has become a huge political issue, and revealed deep truths about the Senate minority leader.

Rand Paul Doesn't Stand a Chance
March 25, 2014

Libertarianism is suddenly in fashion. Denouncing the NSA, Rand Paul draws cheers both from young leftists in Berkeley and young conservatives in D.C.—and narrowly leads in early polls for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Have Switched Places
March 16, 2014

Washington expected the Ivy League guy to suck up and Aqua Buddha guy to stick out. They were wrong. 

The Loneliest Man in the Room
March 06, 2014


Why Do Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Support Kirsten Gillibrand’s Sexual Assault Bill?
February 11, 2014

Right-leaning mavericks Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have been among the Kirsten Gillibrand's most outspoken allies. What gives?

Republicans Discover Poverty. Now What?
January 07, 2014

Taking a lead from Pope Francis, Republicans are suddenly talking about poverty. This would be a good first step: Stop slashing the safety net.

Rand Paul Accidentally Exposes GOP As Party of Wealthy
December 23, 2013

Young people, they don’t really associate with Republicans on taxes and regulations...They just don’t have any money so they don’t care much about those issues."

Scott Walker Could Reunite the GOP
December 01, 2013

Unlike Chris Christie or Ted Cruz, Scott Walker can appeal to the entire party.

Marco Rubio's Foreign-Policy Speech Proves That He is The Most Craven U.S. Senator
November 20, 2013

Read his Big Thoughtful Foreign Policy Speech and see if you can find a single idea

Rand Paul Apologizes for Plagiarism, Not for Neo-Confederate Staffers
November 07, 2013

The worst thing you can do to Rand Paul is question his intellect or its honesty. Neo-confederates on the payroll? That's different.