I'm Funny How? Funny Like A Clown? I Amuse You?
September 21, 2010

GQ sits down with the cast and crew of Goodfellas, twenty years later: Scorsese: When I asked Joe to be in the film, he didn't want to do it. We went up to my apartment, and he said, "Let me tell you a couple of stories. If you could find a place for this sort of thing, then I think we could make it special." Liotta: Joe was working at some restaurant in the Bronx or Brooklyn. He said to some wiseguy, "You're funny," and the guy kind of turned it on him. Scorsese: Joe acted it out.

Mr. Coffee and Mr. Fixit
March 13, 2010

Raymond Carver: Collected Stories By Raymond Carver (Library of America, 1019 pp., $40)   Raymond Carver: A Writer’s LifeBy Carol Sklenicka (Scribner, 578 pp., $35) In the summer of 1984, the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and his wife traveled to the remote coastal town of Port Angeles, Washington, to visit Raymond Carver in the glass-walled “Sky House,” overlooking the ocean, which he shared with his partner, the poet Tess Gallagher. It was more of a pilgrimage than a social call.