What is Jewish Literature?
December 08, 2011

Dan Miron, the foremost Israeli critic and scholar of modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature, asks a big question: what is Jewish literature, or to be m

Praying with Ghosts
November 15, 2011

Jonathan Boyarin’s deeply felt account of the summer he spent a few years ago tending to the needs of an embattled little shul in the heart of the Low

Brushes with Jewishness
November 07, 2011

Is there a Jewish Art? Such questions are very familiar in modern Jewish cultural debates; they are regularly asked about Jewish writers. With the vis

Back to Utopia
August 24, 2011

While most people do not believe that the Garden of Eden can be found, its geographical location has been a point of obsession in the minds of a handf

"Can You Learn Anything From a Void?"
August 02, 2011

Nobody looks into his heart and sees an Eichmann lurking there. And this inability to match up our self-knowledge with our historical knowledge is the

Jews Don't Eat Insects
August 01, 2011

In this decidedly post-modern iteration of Jewish travel literature, Levy finds himself in the rural heartland of China where incongruities abound: Pi

Progressive Inversions
July 12, 2011

At this point, the twenty-first-century Jew—like the Protestant and the Catholic, anyone whose religion views the Bible as holy writ—has two simple ch

True Religion
July 11, 2011

How refreshing it is to see an entirely different kind of book about law and religion in The Agnostic Age, by constitutional scholar Paul Horwitz. Hor

The Beltway Healing
June 28, 2011

At the center of the story is a religious fact, a miracle, which came at a time when religious facts, especially miracles, were viewed with suspicion.

With Friends Like These...
June 03, 2011

Books about anti-Semitism are depressingly numerous. New studies of the subject appear in a constant stream, focusing on anti-Semitism in this or that