Progressive Inversions
July 12, 2011

At this point, the twenty-first-century Jew—like the Protestant and the Catholic, anyone whose religion views the Bible as holy writ—has two simple ch

True Religion
July 11, 2011

How refreshing it is to see an entirely different kind of book about law and religion in The Agnostic Age, by constitutional scholar Paul Horwitz. Hor

The Beltway Healing
June 28, 2011

At the center of the story is a religious fact, a miracle, which came at a time when religious facts, especially miracles, were viewed with suspicion.

With Friends Like These...
June 03, 2011

Books about anti-Semitism are depressingly numerous. New studies of the subject appear in a constant stream, focusing on anti-Semitism in this or that

The Memory Table
April 18, 2011

Not every edition of the haggadah is quite as effective at making the past present as The Washington Haggadah. This beautifully produced book is a det

All Whooshed Up
March 29, 2011

All Things Shining turns out to be, rather surprisingly, a prime example of the current religious revival in America. This is a spiritual self-help bo

The Temple Mount in New York
March 09, 2011

For Michael Weingrad, it is precisely the marginality, even the perversity, of the American Hebraist project that makes it so immensely interesting. “

The Baffling Book
February 24, 2011

The Rise and Fall of the Bible is Timothy Beal’s attempt to shatter the popular understanding of the Bible as a combination of divine instruction manu

God and Gossip
February 14, 2011

Who will save science from the scientists? I often ponder that question when I peruse the writings of evolutionary psychologists—and did so once again

In Sheep's Clothing
February 08, 2011

What did Germans see in Adolf Hitler? It is difficult for people of our era to see the appeal of history’s most infamous murderer. Charisma often does