Republican Party

More Partisanship: What We Need to Fix Congress
Stronger political parties would have avoided this week's shutdown
October 01, 2013

Stronger political parties, acting in their own interest, could avoid this week's self-inflicted wounds.

A Gingrich-Santorum Unity Ticket Was Still a Loser
March 25, 2013

Even if the two favorites of social conservatives had teamed up, Mitt Romney probably would have beat them. 

CPAC's Women Problem
One of November's glaring lessons still hasn't set in
March 16, 2013

At the conservative movement conference, one of November's glaring lessons still hasn't set in.

The Power of Orange
A mash note to John Boehner
March 05, 2013

A mash note to John Boehner, the House GOP's master negotiator. 

Disinaugural Blues
January 23, 2013

Libertarian protesters made a pretty big splash during the Obama years. But not on Inauguration Day.

It's Not a Fever! How Obama Can Break the House Republicans
January 16, 2013

House Republicans aren't as crazy as they sometimes act.

A New GOP Begins, and Ends, With Immigration Reform
January 16, 2013

Can the party change? That's up to House Republicans.

Obama's Sainthood Won't Raise The Debt Limit
January 14, 2013

President Obama's doing an excellent job of getting himself into heaven, but that won't raise the debt limit.

Is Christie Abandoning His True Base?
January 11, 2013

His biggest boosters, a coterie of Wall Street conservatives, have lost their love.

When It Comes to Worldview, Jack Lew is Obama in Coke-Bottle Glasses
January 09, 2013

Two years ago I was interviewing Tim Geithner when he started ticking off the ways he was poorly suited to being Treasury secretary late in Obama’s first term. Above all, he said, was the fact that the job was increasingly focused on questions of values and ideology—how the government should spend its scarce resources, who should get the shaft and who should pick up the tab—whereas Geithner saw himself as a financial technocrat. “A huge part of the economic challenge the president faces on this stuff is that it’s going to be at the center of the political debate,” he told me.